Precision Aesthetics MD are world-renowned skin rejuvenation experts, headed up by Dr. Lisa Zdinak in Manhattan, NYC. They are at the forefront of innovative, proven techniques centered around skin tightening and plastic surgery.  Their focus is minimally invasive combination non-surgical procedures for their international clientele. In fact, they brought the first BTL device (the makers of Emsculpt) to New York in 2009 to melt fat and tighten skin.

Today, Precision Aesthetics MD is delighted to announce that it will provide a whole new Emsculpt NYC protocol following success with their clients over the past few years. Precision Aesthetics MD has had a long history with BTL.  In addition to bringing their first device in 2009, in 2010 they did the original studies for BTL on Acoustic Wave for cellulite which led to the development of Emtone.

Emsculpt is the first device to build muscle and sculpt the body. Today they are combining multiple technologies to give the maximal amount of fat reduction in addition to making muscles.  Emsculpt Neo, which has radio frequency added, must be operated at a safe low temperature because the device is being left unattended in one area only.  The Precision Emsculpt protocol begins with another BTL device that has a wand that the operator can take to a much higher effective fat burning temperature and target everyone’s multiple and specific areas for the maximal amount of fat reduction in addition to the muscle building.  That is then followed by Emsculpt to mobilize the fat to be eliminated even faster.  Each patient is presented with their unique combination protocol to address their specific amount of loose skin, cellulite, stretch marks and or areas of fat with devices from multiple manufacturers from all over the world.

Each new technology that Precision Aesthetics MD provides is required to pass vigorous efficacy and safety trials, alongside reputable backing within the industry. With 96% average patient satisfaction score, Emsculpt has been included in the many combination protocols previously available.  Clients can build muscle, burn fat, sculpt, and tone buttocks, legs, arms, calves and more, through a non-invasive, muscle contraction device and procedure.

Emsculpt is the ideal device and procedure for body sculpting and toning

Emsculpt is a high intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure that enlarges muscles, alongside growing new muscle fibers. Clients can expect to see an increase in muscle mass more than 16% with the Precision Aesthetics protocol.

The procedure is extremely popular with individuals who want to tone or sculpt a certain aspect of their body. Many live busy lives and cannot devote time or energy to regular and intense exercise, whereas others have problem areas whereby no matter what they do, toning or sculpting does not have the desired impact.

For those searching for Emsculpt near me Manhattan, New York, and beyond, speak to the experts at Precision Aesthetics MD. They’ll be happy to provide unrivaled detail on the body sculpting and toning potential of Emsculpt and all their other options to address pretty much any issue you may have.

How Emsculpt works

Although the original Emsculpt studies were based on just four treatments. Precision Aesthetics was the first to increase their protocol to six which would achieve results far more than 50% because the results are cumulative. What we witnessed in our clients was nothing short of amazing.   Emsculpt New York clients can obtain results that could not have been obtained through the original protocols.

It isn’t just large muscles that can feel the impact either. Arms and calves are notoriously difficult to tone and sculpt, yet the devices’ small applicators can activate muscle motor neurons by delivering 20k contractions, ensure proper form and technique, and ultimately, build and tone muscles. Adding this protocol to their existing arsenal has allowed them to obtain even greater results. For example, utilizing a combination of skin tightening fat reduction and muscle building on the dreaded “chicken wings” and other problem areas has truly revolutionized treating these problem areas.

Precision Aesthetics MD can provide Emsculpt near Upper West Side New York and in Manhattan. Clients trust the team at Precision due to their success with their many procedures, and their notable clientele which includes celebrities, models, and royalty.

The key to the success of Precision Aesthetics MD is Lisa A. Zdinak, MD. The foundation of her practice is the use of combination therapies that approach or surpass cosmetic surgical techniques of rejuvenation that carry minimal to no downtime for healing. Her speciality is skin tightening and body shaping, and Emsculpt forms a new tool for her and her best-in-class team.

Precision Aesthetics MD provide body sculpting Manhattan and New York clientele with informative videos, content and advice via their websites.  Simply call anytime to schedule a complementary consultation and an individualized treatment plan at their office.


More Information

Lisa A. Zdinak, MD is the chief surgeon and medical director of Precision Aesthetics. She is an ophthalmic plastic surgeon with speciality training in advanced techniques in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. She truly is “the best kept secret in New York” with an international clientele consisting of celebrities, models, and royalty, for whom discretion is paramount. Learn more about Lisa A. Zdinak, MD and the Emsculpt therapy procedure via the website:


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Lisa A. Zdinak, MD is the chief surgeon and medical director of Precision Aesthetics. She is an ophthalmic plastic surgeon with specialty training in advanced techniques in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation.

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