Positive Reinforcement was created by Mary Ashley Hambrick who is a board-certified behavior analyst and has over 10 years’ experience providing Applied Behavior Analysis services to children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, Down Syndrome, and other special abilities.

Ashley, along with her team of expert staff at Positive Reinforcement are dedicated to helping provide those with autism spectrum disorder the highest quality of life through the powerful teaching tools utilized in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy that is designed to strengthen communication, reduce challenging behaviors, and teach independent living skills.

With options to undergo ABA Therapy in the home, community, and at school, Positive Reinforcement have now expanded their insurance coverage and are one of the  ABA providers that accept Medicaid, Tricare, United Healthcare, Cigna, Evernorth, Aetna, and Anthem insurance.

Improving Behavior and Improving Lives

If you are looking for ABA Therapy Near Richmond Virginia, then Positive Reinforcement offer their expert services in a number of cities and counties in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, such as Bluemont, Somerset, Winchester, Fairfax, Jefferson, Leesburg, and many more.

With a mission to provide those with autism spectrum disorder and other special abilities a better quality of life through teaching tools that are based on the principles of ABA and Verbal Behavior Therapy, Positive Reinforcement offer a list of services including consultation, assessments, treatment planning, and parent training.

These services comprise of:

Skill Assessment

The right assessment will identify your child’s strengths and generate a comprehensive list of essential skills.

Functional Behavior Assessments

This is generally considered to be a problem-solving process that is designed to address behaviors of concern.

Treatment Planning

The trained team at Positive Reinforcement will conduct assessments and then work with parents and caregivers to choose goals for the right course of treatment.

Supervision of Treatment

Clinical supervision of therapists is used to keep therapy on track and ensure positive patient outcomes.

Communication Skills

Helping your child learn to communicate reduces their frustration and encourages their independence while also potentially reducing problematic behavior.

Reducing Problem Behaviors

Working along-side Behavioral Therapists, parents can learn effective methods in reducing problem behaviors.

Social Skills

Children and adults with an autism diagnosis often struggle in a social environment, this is why Positive Reinforcement offer helpful strategies to make them more comfortable in a group setting.

Toileting and Self-Care Skills

The trained team will help children and adults gain more independence by learning these essential life skills.

ABA Therapy at Home

Positive Reinforcement offer their ABA Therapy in a variety of different settings but have found that In home ABA Therapy is often easier on the parents and the child.

Additionally, choosing to undergo ABA therapy at home can bring many benefits, such as:

  • Keeping your child comfortable in a familiar environment
  • The therapist is able to observe your child’s authentic behavior, as well as being able to make use of their favorite toy or hobbies as reinforcement
  • It is easier to teach your child everyday tasks, such as brushing their teeth, or getting themselves ready for bed
  • Parents can even participate in the ABA Therapy sessions and learn how to implement the methods even after the formal session is over

Although, if you are unable to conduct ABA Therapy at home, Positive Reinforcement can offer their services in an office setting and still help you to reach your child’s goals.

More information

To find out more about Positive Reinforcement and their ABA Therapy, please visit their website at https://www.positivereinforcement.net/.

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About Positive Reinforcement

Ashley has been providing applied behavior analysis services to children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and other special abilities for over 10 years.

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