What if PlayStation made crisps to keep you going while playing video games? What if Netflix made popcorn to help you binge your favourite shows, or the Premier League made an energy drink to keep their players and fans fuelled up?

Well thanks to London-based branding and packaging design agency Deuce Studio, these ‘what ifs’ and many more from famous brands across the globe have been brought to life.

The ‘What If’ campaign pitches products that brands such as Nike and Lego could bring to market, that work alongside their current product offer or brand ethos. Showcasing their branding and packaging design capabilities, Deuce Studios have not only dreamt up these perfect brand-accompaniment products but have also provided visuals on how they could look like if they were to be manufactured.

Below, we explore some of the fan favourites from Deuce Studio’s ‘What If’ campaign:

What if Lego made chocolate bars for kids to enjoy while playing with their toys?

Lego is beloved by kids and big kids (adults) all over the world. When it comes to pop culture, there are not many avenues Lego haven’t explored. However, they’ve traditionally stayed true to their core product offering of bricks that can be connected together to create all sorts of weird and wonderful structures.

Deuce Studio, packaging design agency London, were asked ‘What if Lego made chocolate bars for kids to enjoy while playing with their toys’, and the result is brilliant. Available in multiple flavours, the chocolate bar mimics the well-known shape of a Lego brick in snack-pack size and features the iconic Lego branding in a beautifully simplistic and effective way. Unfortunately, we can only dream of what they would taste like.

What if PlayStation made crisps to keep you going while playing video games?

Video games and crisps go hand-in-hand, often quite literally. PlayStation merchandise has conquered many retail avenues, including clothing, but so far, the crisp market remains untapped by the global gaming superstars.

Deuce Studio have showcased their ability to incorporate key visual traits of a brand into both the packaging and the product itself, centering the shape of the crisps around the iconic buttons on a PlayStation controller and making that all important brand logo big and bold in the design. The result is a product that would be snapped up from supermarket shelves (if it existed!).

What if the Nike made water enriched with electrolytes to make you a better athlete?

Sport drinks have never been more popular, and with ‘electrolytes’ being the buzzword in recent times, manufacturers are frantically creating products that specifically help to improve hydration for enhanced performance.

Packaging design agency Deuce Studio have mocked up what a Nike-branded water could look like if it were brought to market. The key here is, of course, that famous logo front and center. However, the way in which they’ve clearly differentiated between flavours without deterring away from the core design is what makes this mockup truly ingenious.

Given Nike’s global connection with the sports industry, it doesn’t sound too farfetched for them to consider making a water enriched with electrolytes.


About Deuce Studio:

Deuce Studio is an independent branding design agency based in Bethnal Green, London, working with clients from all across the globe. They’ve worked on projects for global brands such as Budweiser, launching their limited-edition can or the 2021 Labor Day #RaiseABud campaign. They regularly speak at conferences and summits across the UK and beyond and are considered to be thought-leaders in branding and packaging.

The agency pride themselves on being a small and nimble team, allowing clients to get more out of their budget by offering a one-to-one service. Their way of working involves you the client, and them, the designers. No account directors or middlemen, just pure collaboration and creative ideas coming together to deliver brands with real impact.

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