An inspirational film exploring the moments in life when playing it safe isn’t an option will have its Texas debut April 22.

From the award-winning writer and director Jonathan Moch, comes the film Playing the Crease, a story about a resilient high school kid’s fight to claim his spot on the varsity ice hockey team after moving from Minnesota following his father’s death. In David Bastion’s desperation, he enlists the help of Mia Schafer, a former Olympic trainer who battles to reclaim her purpose after having a debilitating stroke. Haunted by their past, they struggle to step outside their safety zones. The upcoming family friendly feature-length film Playing the Crease will make its Texas premiere at the 55th WorldFest- Houston International Film Festival on Friday, April 22, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Cinemark Theater, 310 Memorial City Mall, Houston Texas 77024. It’s up for Remi awards in the categories of feature family/children as well as feature-craft music score.

Playing the Crease is a return to films that inspire audiences to believe that seemingly impossible dreams are possible. It explores the idea that physical impairments are merely setbacks, but our fear on the other hand creates the worst kind of handicaps. “The Crease,” in ice hockey, is a small, shaded area in front of a hockey goal where opposing players are prohibited from interfering with the goalie, a goalie’s safe zone. There are times goalies need to leave the safety of this zone to make plays that can win games, but the trick is knowing when and how. Just like in life we all must leave the safety of the nest and learn how to fly.

Immediately following the premiere of Playing the Crease Friday, April 22, at 7:00 p.m. at the Cinemark Theater, 310 Memorial City Mall, Houston Texas 77024, Playing the Crease writer and director Jonathan Moch will join his lead actors Kate Barnett and Jonathan T. Moch as well as his composer James T. Sale for a Q&A /meet and greet with the audience. For filmmakers, learn how, with the help of Authority Solutions, Playing the Crease, a low budget independent film by Billabunny, is all over the top of every search engine.

Audiences say that Playing the Crease is one of the best feel-good movies they’ve seen in years.

The goal of this film is to take audiences of all ages on a journey with characters they can identify with that discover to reach the top of the summit where dreams come true, takes reaching past the pain. It showcases heartfelt performances by Kate Barnett and Jonathan T. Moch that bring an amazing relatability and realism to their characters.

The director of Playing the Crease said that it is an honor to debut Playing the Crease at such a prestigious film festival and he is humbled by the opportunity to share his film with the international film community that will be attending the 55th WorldFest – Houston International Film Festival.

The festival will be marked by the presence of a number of celebrities, actors, directors, producers, sponsors, cinematographers etc. which will give a great launch to the film.

Playing the Crease will show at the following time and location for screening

  • April 22, 2022 at 7:00 P.M., Cinemark Theater, 310 Memorial City Mall, Houston Texas 77024

Playing the Crease movie trailer is available for preview at  Sponsors supporting the development of the Playing the Crease include Authority Solutions, Titan Fitness, Fuji Matts, Nissan of Irvine, Rollerblade, Agape Apparel and Vaughn Hockey.

The official nationwide release date of the movie has not yet been determined but you can find more information about Playing the Crease on IMDb.


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