Piara Pizza, California’s leading pizza shop, is pleased to announce that a couple of weeks ago the newest Piara Pizza Pomona had its grand opening. Customers can now have the best pizza in Pomona with Piara Pizza setting up in town. From appetizers to specialty pizzas, the Piara Pizza Pomona has everything to offer to their customers.

Piara Pizza is a popular pizza shop in California that offers quality take-out foods like pizzas and chicken wings at reasonable prices. At their newest branch in Pomona, the shop offers their customers the convenience of their service and products. They can get the freshest, hot pizzas quickly at Piara Pizza readily available just as soon as they walk in.

One of the specialties of Piara Pizza is their Signature Pizzas with the options of using Original Crust or Deep Dish. There is also the option where customers can build their own pizzas, one of the reasons behind the Piara Pizza’s popularity. With the shop’s selection of freshest ingredients and wide array of toppings, customers are able to make their own best versions of favorite pizzas.

The opening of Piara Pizza in Pomona adds another location in many places the pizza shop built their branches. The Pomona branch is located at 638 E Holt Ave Pomona, CA and is available during Sundays through Thursdays at 9:30 am to 10:00 pm and Friday to Saturday at 9:30 am to 11 pm. The Pomona residents can now get a taste of the dining pleasure that Piara Pizza offers.

The Pomona customers can enjoy not only pizza but a number of other menus. In terms of Pizza’s, they have a wide collection to choose from that includes large pizzas, giant deep dish pizzas, deep dish pizzas, stuffed crust large pizzas, and personal pan pizzas. Every Piara Pizza in Pomona is made of fresh ingredients and most delicious toppings, which the shop takes a lot of pride of.

The Pomona Piara Pizza offers a wide array of toppings to choose from, including ham, sausage, bacon, beef, chicken, green pepper, mushrooms, black olives, and more. In addition to pizzas, the shop’s menu also includes appetizer and wings. The Pomona customers can choose from Piara Pizza’s appetizers that include Piara Italian Cheesy Bread, Piara Breadstick Combo, Piara Large Garlic Cheesy Bread, and more.

Best Pizza Pomona also offers a wide array of Piara Buffalo Chicken Wings combos. These dinner treats make Piara Pizza a popular pizza shop in the state. With a new location added to their pizza shop branches, they have successfully made it easier for customers to find get delicious, fresh pizzas, chicken wings, and appetizer combos.

While customers can now easily go to Piara Pizza in Pomona, they can still order online through the shop’s website. The new Pomona branch and online ordering system of Piara Pizza award their customers the convenience that busy people would really benefit. With that, Piara Pizza is ecstatic to share the good news that their recent Pomona branch has been in operation for two weeks now.

About The Company:

Piara Pizza Pomona is a leading store that offers customers fresh and quick Pizza, Cheesy Bread, Hot Wings, and Breadsticks for everybody’s dining pleasure. It’s a shop known to deliver quality take-out food for customers’ convenience at reasonable and family-friendly prices. Customers are promised to enjoy the most delicious pizza and other dinner servings they will not be able to resist.


About Piara Pizza

At Piara Pizza, you get quality take-out food at reasonable, family-friendly prices. Convenience is one of the main reasons people come to Piara Pizza. We usually have fresh, hot pizzas, ready to go as soon as you walk in!

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