All professionals who work in the medical field (including dentists, doctors, nurses, consultants, and carers) are bound by something called “Duty of Care”, which means that they have a legal obligation to take reasonable care to avoid causing harm to those in their care. If they fail to provide the expected standards of care, they may be guilty of medical negligence.

Thankfully, in Ireland, an overwhelming majority of people are given a very high standard of care by doctors, staff, and other healthcare professionals. However, these professionals and the services that they provide are under more pressure than ever before thanks to budget cuts, staffing issues and the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress and fatigue that staff face on a daily basis sadly mean that accidents can and do happen, and these incidents can have serious consequences on the lives of patients.

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Protecting your rights

Mistakes by medical professionals can have long-term, serious consequences, having permanent negative effects on victims’ lives in some cases. Despite this, medical negligence cases usually pitch the victims against hospitals, health companies and consultants, all of whom are generally well versed in defending negligence suits and minimizing any compensation. This is why, after suffering from medical negligence, it’s vital that you contact an expert personal injury lawyer like Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin to give your case the best chance of success.

Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin cares about all its clients, and the expert attorneys there work hard to ensure they provide high quality legal services possible in every case they take on. The specialist lawyers can offer an initial consultation to assess your potential case, and once hired they will fight aggressively to defend your legal rights and obtain the maximum compensation to which you’re entitled.

Making a medical negligence claim

If you suffer an injury after having medical treatment and wish to make a medical negligence claim in Ireland, you must begin by getting a report from a medical expert detailing how your injuries or harm are due to that negligence. This report can go a long way towards ensuring your claim is taken seriously, giving you the best chance at successfully claiming compensation for your injuries.

Medical negligence claims can stem from a wide range of injuries sustained in any number of errors and accidents during medical treatment. As a rough guide, these unfortunate medical incidents can include:

  • Any medical negligence that caused loss of life
  • Delayed diagnosis
    • For example, delayed cancer diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to give a diagnosis
  • Failure to offer proper support for rehabilitation
  • Head and spinal injuries sustained as a result of medical treatment
  • Injuries sustained during childbirth to mother or child
  • Medication mistakes
    • For example, a patient receives the incorrect dose of medication or receives the wrong type of medication
  • Surgery mistakes
    • For example, spinal surgery errors or brain surgery errors
  • Wrong psychological assessment of the client

If you think your injuries were sustained because of medical negligence and would like to discuss your options, get in touch with the Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin team today!


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