Louisiana, Missouri – PayStubCreator was built by a professional accounting firm in order to offer their clients the ability to create their own paycheck stubs.

The innovative stub generation tool ensures accurate calculations as the forms are checked by a team of expert accountants, has instant delivery without the need for a subscription, no hidden fees, and no expensive software that needs to be downloaded.

Their form w2 generator gives companies an opportunity to reduce administrative costs and conveniently create the W2 wage and tax statement form to correctly display the annual income or wages of each employee and the amount of taxes withheld from each paycheck.

Form W2 Explained

A pay stub is a document given by an employer to an employee for proof of income services and lists employee information, salary details, taxes withheld as well as net pay in a given pay period to salaried workers.

PayStubCreator’s paystub maker produces pay stubs electronically and is fast becoming a popular option as it saves time and administrative costs, which allows businesses instead to concentrate on the day-to-day running of their company.

Their Form W2 generator allows business owners to accurately compile all the deducted federal and state taxes from their employees’ incomes from the calendar year, as all the calculations which are input into the generator will be checked by a team of professional accountants.

Easy to email, download, and instantly able to print, the Form W2 generator also saves business owners the struggle of manually calculating their employee’s wages and saves them time making several copies as each employee will need three copies of their form: one copy for themselves, and the other two which they attach to their federal and state tax returns if they plan to mail their taxes during tax filing season.

The W2 form is incredibly useful as it shows the amount withheld that would then be subtracted from employees taxes or if the IRS needs to refund them if, for some reason, more income was taken out than necessary.

What Does A W2 Form Look Like?

Set out in a series of numbered boxes, here is an example of how to correctly fill out the W2 form:

Box 1 (Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation)

This should display your total taxable pay for federal income tax purposes and will also include any tips or bonuses you have made along the way.

Box 2 (Federal Income Tax Withheld)

Box 2 shows the figure that your employer has withheld for federal income tax reasons and shows the amount of federal income tax that you have already paid off.

Box 3 (Social Security Wages)

This includes the total amount of your pay that you will need to pay Social Security tax on.

At PayStubCreator’s website, you can find a complete, comprehensive guide on how to read, understand, and fill out your W2 form without needing the help of a tax professional.

How To Get A W2 Form?

By law, your employer is required to send you your Form W2 each year with the deadline for it to be sent out by January 31st or the next business day if this date falls on a weekend.

If, for whatever reason, you have not received one, you should contact your employer or HR department to send you a copy, so that you can fill out your form in time for the tax deadline at the end of the calendar year.

You can also use PayStubCreator if you are still having trouble obtaining your form or have lost or damaged your original copy.

They have several paystub samples online on their website, such as The Basic Paystub, The Spreadsheet Paystub, The Document Paystub, The Electronic Paystub, and The Vibrant Paystub, along with Form W2, which can be easily created and downloaded in minutes, and conveniently printed in the comfort of your home.

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