OutsourcingStaff.ph is a premier marketplace for online jobs in the Philippines. Companies across Europe, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand use the platform to find and hire the best virtual workers from the Philippines, utilizing their talent in a vast number of industries and specialisms.

Today, OutsourcingStaff.ph are delighted to announce that their marketplace has further expanded, with more employers and virtual workers registered to their platform than ever before. A dramatic and swift uptake in digital-first working across the globe was perhaps a byproduct of the covid-19 pandemic, and this has provided ample opportunity for both employers and staff to work together in new and exciting ways.

Now, with technology driving processes and business operations, there is a lessened requirement for staff to be on-site. As a result, recruiting talent from further afield is skyrocketing in popularity, and platforms such as OutsourcingStaff.ph are a shining example of how recruitment works in a digital-first world.

Below, we outline the growth and expansion that OutsourchingStaff.ph has experienced over the past year, and detail why the Philippines provides sought-after talent:

The Philippines has an abundance of talented virtual workers, and their lifestyles are closely aligned to those in companies across Europe, the USA, Australia and beyond:

Clarke, who is the founder of outsourcingstaff.ph, has worked with technology and internet-based services for well over three decades. In that time, Clarke hired staff from countries worldwide, but found particular success with those based in the Philippines.

As a country with a lot of English speakers who are highly educated, where the largest religions are Christianity (88%) and Islam (6%), and where the same values, traditions and holidays are shared with many leading companies across the globe, the Philippines was always regarded as a hotspot for virtual recruitment. However, Clarke felt there was a disconnect between employers and job applicants, noting that there were key elements missing from recruitment platforms that could improve the process for both sides.

Clarke teamed up with a number of high-profile Filipinos and formed a united management team, focused on bridging the disconnect between global employers and virtual workers in the Philippines. Their focus was to create a platform that encompassed everything that could possibly be required for both parties. Thus, OutsourcingStaff.ph was born.

There was a time where hiring staff from different countries might have seemed scary – but in this digital-first world, it’s the future of virtual recruitment

OutsourcingStaff.ph has experienced substantial growth in registered employers and virtual workers since launch. Much of this growth and the expansion of their marketplace correlates with the covid-19 pandemic, when individuals worldwide were told to work from home, and companies were required to invest in their virtual working environments.

Even up until very recently, virtual working may have scared board members and CEO’s. However, the covid-19 pandemic largely proved that not only can virtual working be a success, but it can widen your recruitment talent pool and help to save costs on workspace and facilities. Investments in technology, in a digital-first world, can streamline processes and improve profits. Now, board members and CEO’s are actively embracing opportunities to hire virtual workers.

Thanks to their experience of the virtual worker marketplace, OutsourcingStaff.ph have managed to quickly cement their position as a leading platform that connects employers to virtual workers in the Philippines, and they continue to grow at rapid pace. 

OutsourcingStaff.ph is stating its claim as the ideal platform for both Filipino talent and prospect employers who are interested in virtual working

While OutsourcingStaff.ph is proving successful for employers across the globe who want to hire top Filipino talent, it’s proving just as successful for the virtual workers. By registering on the marketplace, those looking for virtual working roles can browse jobs, receive alerts when jobs appear based on their skills or preferred industry-types, and apply direct.

Employers on the other hand gain the ability to post jobs, shortlist candidates, set up small exercises for successful interviewees and much more. Whilst a small fee is required to use the platform, employers can sign up for free and post a job listing, whereas it’s free for workers. The pricing options and instructions on how to register can be found on: https://outsourcingstaff.ph/

More Information:

OutsourcingStaff.ph was founded in 2022 by Clarke Duncan, known as the ‘Outsourcing Boss’ on YouTube’. However, the road to launch was backed up by over three decades of global outsourcing experience and vast expertise in virtual working. Drawing on these outsourcing skills, Clarke and his team of Mo, Isabel, Jethro, Marlon, Carena, Gi, Leanne and John created OutsourcingStaff.ph, to connect global employers with the best virtual workers in the Philippines. Learn more about the marketplace and their team via the OutsourcingStaff.ph website.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/outsourcingstaff-ph-expand-virtual-worker-recruitment-marketplace-following-rising-popularity-in-a-digital-first-world/

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