Skateboarding has been on a rollercoaster ride since its conception in the 1950s, with its popularity rising and falling through different eras and boards constantly evolving. Today, while skateboarding remains popular, more and more people across the globe are taking the next evolutionary leap and replacing their conventional skateboards with cutting-edge Onewheel boards.

The Onewheel is a self-balancing electric board that has a single wheel at its core, and it was designed for both recreation and transportation. This means that it is the perfect board for veteran skaters who are looking for their next adrenaline fix at the skate park and also any outdoor enthusiasts who are simply looking for an efficient and effortless way to travel.

The Float Life  is the original accessory brand for Onewheels. The Float Life team are passionate members of the skating community who work tirelessly to enhance their customers’ Onewheel experience. Here they explain why they believe this new board is taking the world by storm…

  • You can have the ride of your life and perform tricks

Onewheel remains true to its routes by retaining the fundamental principles of skateboarding, resulting in an exciting, revolutionary way to take to the streets (or beach, or trails…).

Feeling kind of like a cross between snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, riding a Onewheel is truly a unique, adrenaline-fuelled experience. On a Onewheel, you have the freedom to truly explore the world around you and dominate new and challenging terrain that conventional skateboards would struggle to cope with. These new boards are more manoeuvrable than they look, too, and with practice you’ll be performing impressive tricks and weaving through crowds of commuters with ease.

2) They’re incredibly practical for traveling

Onewheel is designed to bridge the gap between transport and recreation, and can be used for both commuting and riding for fun! They’re motorized and fast (16mph for the Pint model and 19mph for the XR), making them effortless to ride, and they are nimbler than they look so you can easily navigate around crowds of pedestrians or even perform tricks. The chunky tyre of the Onewheel gives you the freedom to ride on any terrain including gravel, dirt and sand, and the boards are durable and water resistant so you can ride them through puddles and rain without worrying.

You can equip your Onewheel with a fender to protect your work clothes from grit or dirt on a commute, or add sidekicks to keep your rails in pristine condition and add an extra bit of personal flair to your board. The innovative battery means you can ride it for hours before needing to recharge, with the Pint model having a range of 6-8miles and the XR version, 12-18miles. What’s more, Onewheels are equipped with LED lights, giving you the option to ride safely at night if you like.

  • You can easily customize your experience

Creativity and self-expression are vital aspects of skating culture, and Onewheels certainly don’t disappoint on this front. The Onewheel designers and The Float Life team know that every skater has highly individual tastes and likes different aesthetics, so Onewheels are highly customizable with a multitude of Onewheel Accessories on the market to choose from. These accessories allow you to give your own board a unique, inspiring look that can evolve with you as your tastes change, so you’ll never get bored of your board.

Want to express yourself fully and customize your Onewheel? Take a look at The Float Life website, where you’ll find a wide range of Onewheel accessories, including float plates for protection, rail guards, bearings, fenders, and footpads.

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The Float Life is a leading provider of premium quality Onewheel accessories such as float plates, protective sidekicks and stands, tires, and apparel. For more information and to browse the huge selection of Onewheel accessories The Float Life has to offer, please take a look at their website at If you have an inquiry, please email [email protected]


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