Toronto, Canada – On The Move Canada is a one-stop website with extensive information for people looking to immigrate to Canada. Information provided is helpful and informative in nature to ensure a smooth process when moving to Canada. Immigrants and prospective immigrants planning to move to Canada can find the most basic information, such as visa requirements and whether they need a visa to travel to Canada.

On the Move Canada provides up-to-date information on all the different immigration programs available to newcomers, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Provincial Nominee Program. This process might look overwhelming, and to ease the process, applicants can also enlist the help of an immigration lawyer. The website also provides a checklist to ensure applicants have all the required documents ready for their visa application.

On The Move Canada offers other information on immigration to Canada, such as the cost required for the immigration process. Two different prices are needed to be paid. The permanent residence fees are to be paid once the immigration application has been accepted, and it varies with various programs and immigration streams applied.

For immigrants that plan to stay in Canada temporarily, temporary residence fees must be paid, which also vary according to visa type. Apart from that, there might be additional costs such as biometric fees, language tests, and medical exams. Information like this helps immigrants to be able to prepare a budget before finalising their immigration application process.

On The Move Canada also has information for job opportunities in Canada. As the country is known and loved for its open-door policy for immigrants, and numerous immigration programs allow potential applicants to work temporarily. Job seekers can refer to the information and make sure their resume is up to the Canadian standard. In addition, On The Move Canada also offers information on job boards where job seekers can find their potential employers.

“Immigrating to a new country is always challenging, and there is always a wide variety of information that is required beforehand,” said a spokesperson for On The Move Canada. “The website aims to help compile and help provide immigrants with sufficient information to get through the process and settling into Canada.”

About On The Move Canada

On The Move Canada is a website dedicated to helping immigrants to Canada navigate the complex and sometimes stressful processes of planning, moving and settling in Canada.

The website also aims to be the go-to source for all the information needed to ease immigrants’ transition and provide solutions to potential challenges that may arise during immigration and settling in Canada.