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Today, oktopi Edutech Ltd, owner of the oktopi workspace solution for education announced its acquisition of Tutor House, a leading UK-based tutoring platform. The move accelerates oktopi’s presence and operations in Europe and MENA, and positively contributes to the advancement of digital Learning and Education.

“This acquisition is a natural fit to our vision of empowering educators and learners anytime, anywhere,” says Emilie Thomas, co-founder of oktopi. She goes on to explain, “We are now able to provide learning and teaching communities with the best end-to-end, flexible and intelligent workspace solution for education, with management and growth assistance tools. Giving educators and institutions the flexibility to build their own journeys, being offline, online or hybrid in a fast-changing world, will help them be relevant and fully equipped to succeed in their digital transformation. On the student side, it is all about impact and access to educators they can relate to and trust, while being mobile and tech relevant. oktopi will now help learners find a dedicated educator who has the right tools to help them in their learning objectives, all in a ‘school in your pocket’ solution.”

Through this acquisition, oktopi will gain access to the services of a 20,000-strong cohort of tutors. They will be benefiting from the workspace’s innovative and cutting-edge technologies to better expand their businesses and grow their reach and visibility, while maintaining a primary focus on positively impacting their students.

“We are thrilled to join oktopi!” states Alex Dyer, founder and CEO of Tutor House and future Head of TutorSpace at oktopi. “Our team is passionate about innovative education and tutoring, and we are ready to embark on oktopi’s mission with a shared vision of making a real difference for passionate educators and a new generation of highly connected students.”

About oktopi

oktopi has been revolutionizing the digital learning sphere since its inception in 2021. Its Workspace solution for education and its LearnSpace features have empowered 20,000 educators and institutions to develop and market their courses and programs with unparalleled sophistication and precision, their objective being to support the education sector in a successful and inevitable digital transformation.

About Tutor House

Tutor House, founded in 2012, offers private tutoring, primarily online, connecting students with one-to-one tutors at affordable rates. Their ethos is centered around a personalized approach to education, one that enables students to learn in a way that consistently promotes their academic development and personal growth.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/oktopi-reinforces-its-global-presence-with-acquisition-of-uk-based-tutor-house/

About Tutor House

Tutor House is one of the leading tutoring platforms, offering tailored tuition both online and in-person to students across the UK and the globe. We provide private tuition, adult learning, retakes for A-levels and GCSEs, homeschooling and more…

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