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Damp issues can cause structural defects, pose a danger to our health, and damage the aesthetics of both residential and commercial properties. Whilst some issues are easy to spot, others are more troublesome, and require an expert eye and professional equipment.

Damp Hero are a specialist damp company operating in the Northeast UK. Servicing a 100-mile radius of Darlington and with plans to expand in the very near future, they provide a full range of repair, maintenance, and removal of damp related problems from structural to aesthetics.

Below, Dean James at Damp Hero outline signs that you may have a damp issue:

  • There’s mould on your ceilings, walls, or floors

One of the most common signs of damp issues in residential and commercial properties is mould. Thriving in wet, humid conditions where there’s lots of moisture, fungi spreads and become darker in colour as it develops. Its commonality shouldn’t be underestimated, as mould can be dangerous to our health if untreated.

The experts at DampHero can carry out an inspection to determine what the cause of the mould problem is, propose solutions for ongoing ventilation, and apply treatments to remove it permanently. 

  • There’s a distinctive smell that is lingering from parts of homes or businesses

Damp is quite a unique and recognisable scent. Usually, it coincides with the likes of mould and mildrew, making it easy to spot, but sometimes these stains and fungi aren’t in plain sight. A broken pipe may be hidden behind a unit, causing damp and excess moisture, and in these types of cases, the aroma is what brings the issue to your attention.

To deal with the smell, you’ll need to deal with the route of the problem first, by inspecting the areas where it’s particularly prominent and uncovering any potential damp issues.

  • There’s dark stains or patches appearing on ceilings, walls, or floors

A build up of moisture and water doesn’t just result in black mould. In actual fact, it can create very unruly stains and patches that come in all shapes and sizes. For example, if you’ve noticed dark patches or ‘tide marks’ across the bottom of walls, usually no more than a metre high, you may have a rising damp issue. If the stains appear across ceilings or floors, this could be a buildup of moisture and humidity.

A qualified damp surveyor can inspect these types of stains and patches, stripping back any wallpaper or salt-contaminated plaster to reveal brickwork and assessing the extent of the problem. From here, solutions can be recommended and put into place. To learn more, visit: https://www.damphero.co.uk

  • There’s dry or wet rotting to the structure of your home or business

Crumbling timber is one of the clearest signs that you’re dealing with a dry or wet rotting damp issue. Timber that becomes wet, and then dries, loses structural integrity, and begins to degrade, causing it to rot and crumble.

Dry or wet rot can be big problems and cause structural inefficiencies. They are usually hidden inside wall or floor cavities, and as a result, can be hard to identify. To learn more about damp rot, and to seek expert advice, visit the Damp Hero website: damphero.co.uk

  • Wallpaper or paint is beginning to peel or lift away from walls

The reason why wallpaper or paint begins to peel away is that the levels of moisture in your walls has become problematic. Rising damp can provoke such defects, and if you’ve spotted this around skirting boards or in lower sections of your walls, it’s time to call in a damp specialist.

Treatments can be put in place to limit the amount of moisture in walls and resolve damp problems to stop wallpaper and paint from lifting. It’s advised that you contact a damp specialist who can carry out an accurate diagnosis and propose the appropriate repair. 

  • There’s an abnormal amount of condensation on windows

Did you know that at least six million homes in the UK suffer from issues with condensation? It’s easy to spot and becomes more apparent during the winter and colder temperatures, often appearing when we cook, run a bath, take a shower, or simply use the central heating.

The reason condensation can be such a big issue is that it causes black mould growth around frames and on ceilings and walls, it can cause wooden frames to rot, wallpaper and paint to peel, and porous materials such as plaster and plasterboard absorb the moisture caused by condensation, leading to damp issues.

Need help identifying and treating damp issues?

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For more tips and advice on how to spot and deal with damp issues, you can visit the Damp Hero blog.

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Damp Hero are a team of trained and highly skilled tradesmen who have seen and dealt with just about everything you can imagine. They are a team of professionals who have come together to provide the UK with a full damp proofing service for commercial and residential properties at an unbeatable price and are the UK’s trusted damp specialist. Learn more via the website: https://www.damphero.co.uk/

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