April 17, 2020 – During these unprecedented times, more people than ever are working remotely and the need for strong communication and collaboration across corporate teams is critical.

Odyssey Teams, the leader in philanthropic corporate team building, is now offering many of their award-winning team building experiences as virtual options for the expanding remote workforce.

Together with a few of their culture-focused clients, Odyssey Teams co-created the Virtual and Valuable Helping Hands / Build-A-Hand Program, a powerful philanthropic and virtual team building experience that unites teams and helps them to do good from their respective living rooms. This online version of the award-winning Helping Hands/Build-A-Hand Program precisely simulates the kinds of challenges teams face when working in dispersed environments.

The Helping Hands / Build-A-Hand program which Odyssey Teams developed in 2008, has resulted in over 55,000 prosthetic hands built and delivered to amputees worldwide at no cost to the recipient. When Odyssey Teams delivers this team building program onsite to companies of 10 – 4000 people, the employees are split into groups of three and asked to assemble the prosthetic hand using their own unique skill sets.

The remote version of the Helping Hands program, Virtual and Valuable Helping Hands/Build-A-Hand, simulates this experience for a remote workforce by fostering this same kind of collaboration through an online communication platform such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts.

Even though team members are physically separated, each team member is given a different piece of the puzzle and it’s only through clear communication and connection with the “Big Picture” these dispersed teams successfully deliver the product, a prosthetic hand for an amputee in need.

Odyssey Teams is also known for their seasoned keynote speakers who gracefully facilitate programs by infusing business lessons and reconnecting employees to the purpose and power of their work. When companies utilize the virtual version of this program, they can choose to have the virtual program facilitated by an Odyssey Teams keynote speaker utilizing a live (in real time) or playback platform.

In addition, companies can elect to add a custom debrief video to capture the spirit of how their teams strengthened their communication and collaboration skills while giving-back during this time of physical distancing.

The lessons of Odyssey Teams’ team building work – community, engagement and service – have never been more important. If you would like to organize a virtual team-building program for your company, or get in touch about team building for remote workforces, contact Odyssey Teams today at 831-227-4204 or via email at [email protected]. You can also read about their keynote speakers and programs available on their website at https://odysseyteams.com/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/odyssey-teams-provides-virtual-valuable-team-building-experiences-for-remote-workforces/

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