Miami, Florida – OceanBlue Omega, a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium high-potency omega-3 supplements, announced today the launch of its Essentials Series, a pioneering range of omega-3 supplements designed for universal appeal. Addressing the widespread issue of omega-3 deficiency with a holistic approach, this new range aims to address omega-3 deficiency while making wellness achievable for individuals across all walks of life.

“Omega-3s are fundamental to our well-being, affecting everything from brain health to immune response,” said Daniel Wiley, President of OceanBlue Omega. “We’ve intentionally designed our Essentials Series to offer an affordable way for everyone to easily incorporate these vital nutrients into their daily lives, supporting wellness at every stage.”

The series stands out with its user-friendly packaging and competitive pricing. By simplifying omega-3’s complex science, OceanBlue makes high-quality supplementation approachable and desirable.

“Through vibrant packaging and clear messaging, we make Omega-3 benefits easily understandable and accessible,” said Wiley. “Our Essentials Series is made from high-quality Omega-3 oil that has been put through a rigorous purification process to eliminate any unpleasant sensory experiences, ensuring it’s an appealing, affordable choice for enhancing Omega-3 nutrition for everyone.” This method provides each product an ideal option for those seeking to boost their dietary health affordably.

With an eye toward the future, the Essentials Series is specifically formulated to resonate with younger consumers, particularly those who align with health optimization trends and lifestyles.

“We aim to engage everyone interested in enhancing their well-being,” said OceanBlue Omega’s CMO, Sarah Syed. “Our products cater not just to health optimizers but to anyone embarking on a journey towards better health, whether they’re taking their first steps into a wellness lifestyle or seeking to enrich their existing routine.” This inclusive approach highlights OceanBlue Omega’s commitment to being a brand that welcomes all individuals to the wellness community, offering innovative, approachable options for those ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The Essentials Series supplements are crafted to benefit individuals of every age, embodying OceanBlue’s belief in the universal importance of omega-3s. This approach aligns with the manufacturer’s vision of accessible wellness, ensuring everyone can partake in the journey toward optimal health without exclusion. Additional supplements will be introduced in the Summer of 2024, further expanding the Essential Series and reinforcing a commitment to comprehensive health benefits for people of all ages. This launch highlights OceanBlue’s mission of making wellness universally accessible, embodying its belief in the widespread significance of omega-3s and our commitment to ensuring no one is left behind on the path to optimal health.

OceanBlue’s Essential Series represents the culmination of rigorous research, high-quality sourcing, and a dedication to excellence. Showcasing a commitment to superior wellness solutions backed by its parent company, KD Pharma Group’s expertise in Omega-3s, OceanBlue’s Essential Series combines state-of-the-art formulation and premium ingredients to deliver unparalleled omega-3 health benefits.

To see the Essential Series, click here: Essentials Series.

About OceanBlue Omega

OceanBlue is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium, high-potency omega-3 supplements. Available in over 15K locations nationwide, including Publix Pharmacy, The Vitamin Shoppe, and CVS, OceanBlue makes consistent omega-3 nutrition easy and affordable for people at every stage of life.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, OceanBlue is a brand of the KD Pharma Group, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company and leading global supplier of pharmaceutical-grade omega oils. The facilities include the world’s most advanced laboratory research, technology, and processing facilities. Because of these advantages, OceanBlue can create meaningful value for customers and retail partners by delivering pure and potent omega-3 supplements at prices almost anyone can afford. For more information, visit


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