London, United Kingdom—Nootropicology, the source for everything anyone would ever need to know about Nootropics, takes an in-depth look at a new study that finds cognitive and mood links to nootropic supplement usage, and how an individual’s dietary status can impact the potential benefits.

Nootropicology: Everything You Need to Know

A 2022 study conducted by researchers at Swinburne University, Melbourne finds that the nootropic supplementation improves cognitive performance and mood, but those outcomes depend on the dietary status of the individual taking the supplements.

The Impact of an Optimal Diet

141 adult participants took part in the study and were all middle-aged adults with an average age of 52.84 years. Some participants had what were considered ‘optimal’ diets, while others were determined to have ‘sub-optimal’ diets. Results showed those with the diets considered ‘optimal’ before supplementation experienced improved attentional performance along with lower state anxiety and mental fatigue.

The study was a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial. It examined the effect of a multi-nutrient nootropics supplement containing B group vitamins, Bacopa Monnieri and Ginkgo Biloba on memory, attention, mood, and biochemical markers of nutrient status in participants over a period of 12 weeks.

Nootropics Study Findings and Outcomes

A mixed model and repeated measures analysis revealed that, compared to a placebo group, active treatment was associated with significant increases in levels of B1, B6, and B12. That outcome suggests the cognitive benefit of B vitamin and herbal supplementation may depend on quality of diet. That supports the concept of ‘co-nutrient optimization’ and ‘interdependence of nutrients.’

Another finding of this study deals with behavioral outcomes, such as memory and attention performance. In that instance, there was no significant benefit across the sample. But, following closer investigation, it was discovered that individuals with an ‘optimal’ diet prior to beginning a supplement regimen did significantly improve their attentional performance when given active treatment.

More Positive Nootropic Supplement Effects

Several additional secondary outcomes showed positive effects of supplementation, even in the absence of a main benefit or effect. Those included lower anxiety and reduced mental fatigue in certain subgroups.

These valuable insights provide a glimpse at the true effectiveness of nootropic supplements, and the importance of utilizing those supplements in tandem with establishing an ‘optimal’ diet. As the study finds, taking these supplements while maintaining a less-than-optimal diet may prove to be less than beneficial.

For those attempting to improve their attentional performance and emotional regulation, adding supplemental nutrients can be an incredibly simple and more natural way to alleviate anxious states and mental fatigue.

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