Mr. Heimlich’s Arbitration Know-How Trumps the Competition Before the Highest Court in California.

San Francisco, CA: On March 5, 2019, the Nick Heimlich Law firm argued the Heimlich v. Shivji case before the Supreme Court of California. A particularly exciting moment in civil litigation for the firm, it is rare for disputes to make their way out of local courts to the final and highest court in the state. During this court case, Counselor Heimlich gave an oral argument before the California Supreme Court.

Few court cases make such a track record, in fact over 95% of cases are resolved before trial. Even fewer cases make it out of the California Court of Appeals, the court right below the California Supreme Court. Heimlich v. Shivji was appealed to the highest court in the state – that’s a big deal. Each year only a few hundred cases are heard before the California Supreme Court. There are many checks in our nation’s court system that encourage a settlement and are made to control unnecessary litigation.

It’s a good thing Counselor Heimlich is experienced. This unexpected turn of events might have caught other attorneys off guard. In this case, Nick Heimlich Law was more than prepared.

Before the California Supreme Court, Mr. Heimlich argued about the Code of Civil Procedure Section 998 and the finality of Arbitration Award. To break it down, Counselor Heimlich was bringing into question whether an Arbitration Award is final and given that authority by Courts.

Analogous to a judgment in the court of law, an Arbitration Award is a determination of merits given to either party when a settlement is reached. The Arbitration award can be non-financial, such as stopping a specific business practice or adding an employment incentive. Arbitration is a popular means of resolution in business disputes. In the Heimlich v. Shivji case, the dispute came down to an offer of judgment made by the Defendant that was not presented by the Defendant during the Arbitration proceeding.

Counselor Heimlich had done all his homework, and the case was won due to his expertise. Do you need an attorney with experience in Arbitration? Nick Heimlich Law is your best choice.

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