Coldra Consult Ltd, a professional Asbestos sampling, testing, and survey company formally announces its opening of new office in Newport, Wales. The Newport office aims to supply these services to landlords and commercial building owners in the city as well as outlying areas.

Coldra Consult Ltd is pleased to announce that the latest asbestos industry advice in Newport Wales is readily available anytime and encourages Newport businesses to contact the company. A basic Newport asbestos survey starts at a very competitive cost for the small to medium retail unit and can take as little as 30 minutes to complete. Sample analysis for ACM’s will be conducted on site and reports will be produced that can enable the property owner to understand the future management actions that need to be taken. If the full Asbestos risk is not clear on site then samples will be collected and transported to accredited laboratories. This enables the surveyor to further clarify if any additional issues exist.

Coldra Consult Ltd offers a complete service to its customers by meeting all aspects required of a Newport asbestos testing service from the start of the process through ongoing assessment and delivery of a final report. Commercial building owners are now one call away from getting the services they need for commercial asbestos survey Newport. These services include the following:

  • Commercial asbestos management survey Newport
  • ACM’s risk assessments
  • Asbestos management plan development
  • Asbestos related work specifications
  • Awareness and training workshops
  • Internal systems and procedures development
  • Compilation of an Asbestos register

With the new Coldra Consult Ltd office now open, instructing a Newport commercial asbestos survey is easier for clients in South East Wales. They can now easily get the professional, accredited assistance they need to ensure their legal responsibilities toward their occupants or potential buyers, is met. Most buildings in Newport Wales built before 1999 contain some degree of ACM risk and people working in them may be exposed. Commercial building owners are legally obligated to ensure a safe environment for occupants of their building. These obligations can only be identified through an Asbestos survey by a professional assessor.

The commercial Asbestos management survey options offered by Coldra Consult Ltd deliver an Asbestos management plan to the client. This plan may contain laboratory analysis results, risks assessments and Asbestos Register as well as providing the Client with a roadmap to manage future risk. The primary purpose of a Newport commercial Asbestos management survey is to produce reporting documentation that will help to ensure the location, type, and extent of ACM’s in a commercial building is properly assessed. With this, it is easier to determine the steps to be taken to manage future risk and ensure less disturbance while undergoing maintenance as well as daily work activities.

Coldra Consult Ltd assessors are qualified P402 surveyors and have the necessary skills and experience to undertake any level of survey task in a commercial environment. If required, any laboratory testing and analysis for possible ACM’s is completed in UKAS accredited facilities. On top of surveying Asbestos in occupied commercial establishments, the surveyor can also provide reports as requirements for property lease/transfer registration. Typically, a commercial Asbestos survey includes (but is not limited) to digital photographs, possibly on-site video records, a copy of electronic survey results, analytical certification and other findings as well as detailed reports with observations, conclusions, and future options.

With Coldra Consult Ltd now servicing Newport, Wales, property owners now can get a quote for any size of Asbestos survey, even with highly complex buildings. Advice regarding budget and survey costs are also available.

For interested parties, contact Adam Freeman on 01633 505222 or email [email protected]. Visit for more details.


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