New York City burglary lawyer Russ Kofman ( releases a new article explaining the differences between burglary, robbery, and other theft crimes. The lawyer mentions that the crime of burglary can be considered a felony regardless of its severity. A burglary conviction can have devastating consequences on someone’s life. A first-degree burglary conviction can lead to a sentence of up to 25 years in federal prison.

“Many people associate the crime of burglary with that of robbery. Robbery is a theft crime that involves stealing directly from a person while burglary consists of the intent to commit unlawful acts in a building without the permission of the owner of the premises. While burglary can be treated in the same manner in other states as the crime of breaking and entering, under the New York Penal Law, there is no such offense as breaking and entering,” the New York City burglary lawyer says. 

A burglary charge in NY includes the act of illegally entering into or remaining on another person’s property, regardless of how it was entered. In order to be charged with burglary a person must also have criminal intent. This is different from criminal trespass.

The charges for burglary are independent of any other charges that the accused may have committed on the premises. A person can only be charged with burglary if they have committed a crime on the property. Theft is not a required offense to be charged with burglary. The criminal offense can be any other criminal charge like assault or harassment.

It is strongly recommended that a person should seek legal counsel if they are charged in New York with burglary. Apart from the potential imprisonment sentence and sanctions, convictions can lead to consequences that could impact your job prospects, housing options, and eligibility for government benefits.

In the article, the lawyer says, “If you are a person on a conditional visa or are aspiring to immigrate to the US, a conviction or even just an arrest can be grounds for your deportation or the denial of your residency. If you are seeking custody of your child or children, a conviction can significantly affect your ability to be considered as their custodial parent.” 

Furthermore, attorney Kofman adds that every case is different and the defenses that may work in burglary cases may not be applicable to your particular case. A skilled lawyer can help you navigate the various defenses you might use.

Lastly, attorney Kofman emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when a person is facing charges of burglary or theft. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant understand their rights and protect their freedom. 

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