September 4, 2019: New York – Chiropractic leader, Dr. Aleksander Kanevsky joins functional medicine and chiropractic care to help patients maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.

Atlant Health founder, Dr. Kanevsky discovers an alternative approach to balance and health through the doctor-patient relationship. “My mission is to detect and correct a small problem before it becomes a big one.”

Functional medicine is the detailed approach which understands every aspect of the patient to determine underlying problems and causes. Dr. Kanevsky has perfected this procedure by discovering the root problems of patients through developing key treatment procedures based off of the patient history. Through the use of the ASYRA system which is bioenergetic medicine, Dr. Kanevsky utilizes the information from ASYRA to provide an in-depth consultation which allows effective treatment for the patient from the beginning.

Atlant Health makes it their mission to explore these root problems and determine the best possible route to create a solution. It is with these efforts that Dr. Kanevsky has become so successful in leading his patients into a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This personalized approach allows the leaders at Atlant Health to see each patient as a unique opportunity to understand what causes unbalance and how they can put the balance back into their customers.

Dr. Kanevsky and Atlant Health chiropractic care provides neuro-musculoskeletal relief which allows the body to heal itself by making small adjustments. The complete chiropractic approach includes basic chiropractic care, neuro-cranial integration, manual therapy, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications which can ensure wellness for their patients.

Atlant Health is proud to announce their Integrated Genetic Code for brand new customers. This detailed report allows the doctor to evaluate and calibrate body chemistry. This is a genome test, complete with blood testing along with comprehensive analysis tools that can show how to boost the patient’s body energy, composition, and cognitive function. This detailed test identifies imbalances which could help improve physiology. Testing has always been a part of the healing process. The Integrated Genetic Code combines these traditional tests along with genetic and chemical analysis to discover the balance that is missing in the patient’s life. The goal of Atlant Health is to restore the body and its optimal chemistry which works in tangent with the mind to unlock better health and wellness.

Functional medicine along with effective chiropractic treatment has been proven to keep the body system operating at a fully functional and healthy level. Atlant Health has discovered a proven and effective treatment method which uncovers underlying problems in patient health and offers solutions to continue and maintain a well balanced lifestyle.

If you require further information about the Integrated Genetic Code, please contact the NYC Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Aleksander Kanevsky today at (212) 888-0520.


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