Laguna Niguel, California – If you are looking for the leading treatment center in Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, and Orange County that offers personalized detox services, effective treatment programs, and both outpatient and inpatient rehab, then search no further than New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc.

Their professional team have a client-focused philosophy that acknowledges and embraces the unique strengths, experiences, and needs that each person brings to the treatment process.

They will work diligently to help you discover your true authentic self and provide you with the support needed to begin the treatment process and heal the underlying cause of your addiction.

With their mix of holistic and clinical methods, you will be taught the necessary skills to help begin your transformation for a healthier and happier life and learn how to turn over a new leaf on your substance addiction.

Offering Balance and Stabilization

At the New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. addiction treatment center, you will receive the full array of tools, specific treatment, and vital resources you need to live your life free of pain and addiction.

Their specialist healthcare team has extensive experience in helping those who struggle with a physical and psychological dependency on drugs or alcohol.

They will walk you through each step of the program, from the initial detox to offering continuing support after you leave their center.

While the idea of admitting addiction and beginning treatment may be intimidating, New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. will provide unlimited support as you begin a clinical drug detox, which is the first important step of overcoming your addiction.

While you will likely be affected by withdrawal symptoms and unpleasant side effects, the time they last and severity are impacted by several different factors, including:

  • Your past medical condition
  • Family history
  • The severity and length of your addiction
  • Types of substances that were abused
  • Any co-occurring mental health issues
  • The amounts of the drug that were being taken each time
  • How the drugs were administered (smoking, injecting, etc.)

But don’t worry; New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc.’s team are experts in helping you work through your symptoms and will tailor your treatment to the areas where you need the most targeted help.

They have an essential process that includes three pivotal steps to help you start your journey to a healthier, happier, and substance-free life.

These are:

  1. Assessment – The team will evaluate each patient for any ongoing mental health or physical complications that may be present. Then a licensed doctor will conduct a blood test to determine the amount of drugs or alcohol in your body, so that they know the right course of treatment.
  2. Balance and Stabilization – When you have been deemed medically and physically stable, the next step is to provide you with the relevant medications that will reduce your side effects and withdrawal symptoms during detox.
  3. Entering the Program – The final step is preparing you for your transition over to residential or inpatient treatment, with the latter proving to show the highest chances of success after completing the detox process.

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