Laguna Niguel, California – New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc., one of the most highly-rated rehab and addiction treatment centers in San Juan Capistrano, California, offering a diverse range of evidence-based drug and alcohol recovery programs as well as behavioral therapy options, is happy to announce a new individualized Drug Rehab program specifically designed to help those struggling with addiction over the holidays.

New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. understands that the holidays are a time of celebration and sadness for many families and people struggling with addiction. Therefore, to offer support, the specialist treatment center provides a variety of personalized drug rehab programs, such as its inpatient rehab center, medication-assisted treatment, and detox, each customized to fit the unique needs of every patient.

“Our team of experts will apply each individualized treatment plan with caution and care to make sure the best results are able to be achieved,” said a spokesperson for New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. “We also apply a healthy amount of exercise and recreational activities to keep ambition high and motivation consistent. A lot of our staff have been in similar situations and can empathize with the individual struggling. We make it a point to keep our clients feeling positive and ready for change.”

At New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. drug Rehab Center, its specialist team uses their years of industry experience to ensure the most effective treatment programs are implemented and recognize the importance of helping patients remain actively involved in their recovery every step of the way. Some of the programs offered include:

Inpatient Rehab Center: Inpatient addiction recovery rehab programs are designed to identify the root causes surrounding the habits of abuse and begin treatment for them. The patients reside onsite at the facility during inpatient treatment, where a healthy and substance-free environment can be enjoyed. There are a variety of therapeutic and medical care options that are readily available 24-7 to each patient.

Medication-Assisted Treatment: Medications used for addiction treatment have the most effective results when taken along with a comprehensive treatment program. For the most part, these medications are implemented for a couple of primary purposes, including lessening the intensity of the more severe withdrawal symptoms, treating any present co-occurring disorders, and reducing the strong urges to use the drugs.

Detox: The Detox Center at New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. takes place in a safe and monitored environment and ensures that a patient’s body can remove the effects of the alcohol or drugs in their system before beginning integrated treatment that focuses on mental and physical therapy.

To find out more about New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. programs and treatments, please get in touch with the treatment centre via phone or by filling in the convenient form on its website.

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New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. is a premium alcohol and drug rehab center with locations in Laguna Niguel and San Juan Capistrano that is committed to helping individuals break the cycle of addiction. Believing that sustainable life-long recovery and rehabilitation is achieved through the transformation of self, New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. provides patients the knowledge, life skills, and resources through individualized treatment programs, therapy, and rehab so they can achieve a life worth living without drugs.

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