Laguna Niguel, California – New Leaf Detox and Treatment, a detox and rehab facility that equips residents with the necessary knowledge, life skills, spiritual tool kit, and emotional support needed for long term recovery, is excited to announce the improved success rates for detox and rehab when residents join one of its pet friendly rehab programs.

Pet friendly rehab is a unique rehab option offered by New Leaf Detox and Treatment, which allows pet owners to experience one of the facilities’ rehab and detox programs, such as sober living, inpatient rehab, and dual diagnosis treatment, while being accompanied by their pet or emotional support animal.

Since its implementation, New Leaf Detox and Treatment has seen a significant improvement in its success rates for residents undergoing detox or rehab programs, regardless of whether they seek help for alcohol or drug addiction.

A spokesperson from New Leaf Detox and Treatment said, “People love animals, and just seeing a pet can turn your day around or relieve stress. Pets can be like family to some. If you have a pet and need addiction treatment, the idea of leaving your pet could be preventing you from going to rehab or be a major stressor if you had to. That is why New Leaf Detox and Treatment provides pet friendly rehab.”

New Leaf Detox and Treatment’s pet friendly rehab program allows residents to enter one of its facilities with a conventional pet, such as a cat, dog, or rabbit but also caters to a wide range of emotional support animals, including pigs, dogs, alligators, chimps, snakes, donkeys and rodents. The facility asks that whichever animal a resident is considering to bring, they should first contact the helpful team at New Leaf Detox and Treatment, who can give them the most up-to-date advice and information available.

Pet friendly rehab is no different than other rehab programs at New Leaf Detox and Treatment, except it gives residents the responsibility of caring for their pets during their stay at the facility. This means pet owners will be responsible for their pets and will need to bring enough food to keep their animals fed, clean up after them, take them out to the toilet, and maintain their daily exercise if needed.

This unique rehab option has been shown to offer residents many benefits, including:

  • Pet Care

Organizing pet care when opting to join a rehab or detox program can generate more costs, as well as increase the stress of an already demanding situation. By choosing to take their pets with them, residents do not have to worry about the welfare of their pets or arrange any accommodation.

  • Reduced Anxiety

New Leaf Detox and Treatment has found that residents who take part in its pet friendly rehab programs experience lower levels of anxiety and higher levels of comfort while at the facility than other residents.

  • Social Interactions

A pet can offer residents companionship during their time at New Leaf Detox and Treatment, but can also help empower them to spend time with others who have brought their pets, which can help create a lasting support system that benefits them even after leaving the facility.

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