New Jersey shoplifting attorney Adam M. Lustberg ( releases a new article explaining the things to avoid when facing accusations of shoplifting. The lawyer says that many shoplifting offenses are considered minor crimes. However, shoplifting in New Jersey is still a serious crime. A conviction for this charge is punishable by jail time or severe fines. A shoplifting conviction will leave an imprint on a person’s criminal record, which can have repercussions for their professional and personal lives.

According to the New Jersey shoplifting attorney, “If you have been accused of shoplifting, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and panic. In this situation, it is important to remember your rights so you are not taken advantage of.” 

The lawyer says that when a person is accused of shoplifting, it is normal to feel indignant or shocked. However, it’s important to be calm and to listen carefully to everything that someone says. To establish a defense, it is important to be able to accurately recall the events. Remaining calm is important to prevent an escalated situation that could lead to a physical altercation, which may further aggravate any charges.

Paying for the item can also be taken as an admission of guilt. It is important to avoid making statements about one’s self or giving out personal information. Any statement a person makes can be used against them, and while it is understandable that you want to prove innocence, any errors or misstatements could endanger the case. 

When asked for personal information, it is important to give it only to a law enforcement officer. Do not make further statements. Staff at the store might try to convince the defendant to sign an incident report or a document. Without an attorney present, it is important to keep in mind that one should not sign any documents presented by the store.

In the article, the lawyer adds, “Running from the authorities might seem like an appealing option in the heat of the moment. However, even if there is the possibility that the staff has no legal authority to detain you, it is important to cooperate and let your lawyer address the situation instead. Running away can be seen as an admission of guilt or an attempt to dispossess the store from the use of the item which is one of the elements that can weaken your case.” 

Lastly, attorney Lustberg emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer if someone is accused of shoplifting. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the accused protect their rights and their freedom. 

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