New Jersey DWI lawyer Rachel Kugel ( releases a new article explaining whether a DWI is a criminal offense in New Jersey. The lawyer mentions that DWI is a criminal offense in New Jersey, and it is also known as driving under the influence (DUI). It is a serious offense that can have far-reaching consequences on an individual’s life. 

“DWI can have harsh consequences including license revocations or suspension, ignition interlock requirements, fines, classes, thousands in surcharges, and even jail of up to six months. Though it will not give you a criminal record, it can have collateral consequences to your life and livelihood such as immigration issues, professional licensing issues, increased insurance rates, commercial driver’s license consequences, as well as potential issues for things like pending divorce or custody matters,” the New Jersey DWI lawyer says. 

The lawyer explains that when someone is charged with a DWI, it means that they have been caught driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This can include prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or any other substance that can impair a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely.

In the article, attorney Kugel advises individuals to take immediate action if they are charged with a DWI. This includes contacting a qualified attorney who can provide legal advice and guidance on the best course of action. The lawyer also advises individuals to avoid discussing their case with anyone other than their attorney and to avoid making any statements to the police.

At the Kugel Law Firm, attorney Rachel Kugel understands the seriousness of a DWI charge and the potential long-term impact on an individual’s life. The firm has a team of experienced attorneys who are well-versed in New Jersey’s DWI laws and can help individuals navigate the legal process.

“DWIs are often referred to in New Jersey as “quasi-criminal” offenses. Drivers who are charged with DWI have the same rights as defendants in criminal cases. DWI offenses are considered quasi-criminal because even though they do not go on a person’s criminal history, they can have serious penalties. DWI convictions are subject to heavy penalties as well as the forfeiture of one’s driver’s license,” attorney Kugel adds. 

Furthermore, attorney Kugel says that Pretrial Intervention Programs are also available for first-time offenders (generally a non-violent offense or misdemeanor) with the chance of rehabilitation rather than being punished for New Jersey’s drug offenses. 

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled DUI attorney when facing charges of DUI or DWI in New Jersey. A skilled attorney may be able to help a defendant protect their rights and their freedom. 

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