New York City, NY – Nefarious Racing is proud to announce the launch of its new e-commerce store. As specialists in performance car parts, the online store will feature some of the most popular coilover brands in the industry, such as BC Racing and Fortune Auto, that cater to many popular car models like Nissan 350Z, BMW E46, Mazda Miata, and many more.

Nefarious Racing is committed to supplying high-quality performance parts to auto enthusiasts in the US. The car website’s new coilover selection has been designed to make those searching for one of the most popular modifications done to cars easy access to increase handling and performance, as well as to lower ride height and improve a car’s looks.

“If you need help selecting the right parts for your car, the team at Nefarious Racing can help,” said Mateja, the founder of Nefarious Racing. “I am a lifelong auto enthusiast who has been involved with cars for over 15 years and is here to offer you assistance in selecting the right parts for your car.”

Along with supplying performance parts, Nefarious Racing has an in-depth blog covering many topics related to wheels and coilovers, from reviews of a wide range of brands to lists of best parts for many car models, as well as many information posts and guides. The car experts also have a YouTube channel with over 50 videos, which includes how-to guides for cars and track racing footage.

“Nefarious Racing is a way for me to put all the knowledge I have acquired to good use, help others who want to learn more about cars, and make a business that helps people buy quality car parts that make their cars faster and look cooler,” furthered Mateja.

With coilovers being built to order to ensure quality and superior function, as well as free standard shipping to continental USA, Nefarious Racing invites car enthusiasts to visit the online shop via its website today to browse the extensive selection of coilovers.

About Nefarious Racing

Founded in 2021 by car enthusiast Mateja, who has more than 10 years of experience in improving and modifying cars, Nefarious Racing is a specialist e-commerce store and blog dedicated to offering leading products and insider advice to help individuals improve both aesthetic appeal and performance of their cars.

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About Nefarious Racing

I founded Nefarious Racing in 2021 as a way to document all the work I do to my cars and to provide not only entertaining content to others, but also helpful guides and easy access to quality performance parts and…

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