NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning has just launched their new website and online booking feature. This Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Company has just recently re-branded their logo, created a new website, and is now offering a real-time online booking system. The online booking feature allows customers to select items that need cleaning, receive exact price quotes and schedule online 24/7.

This Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas company is one of the Preferred Eco-friendly, Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Services in Las Vegas. The team at NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning cleans with biodegradable, natural, green seal certified products. With these products, the carpet dries within 1 hour or less after cleaning. They are doing a great job of helping the environment as they use 85% less water than traditional carpet cleaning services.

At NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning, they offer many cleaning services as well as a clean carpet such as upholstery, area rugs, tiles, mattresses, hardwood floors, and much more. Currently, they have serviced over 6,000 homes and businesses in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV.

With their carpet cleaning service, NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning uses a low moisture deep extraction method, which is highly effective compared to traditional cleaning methods. The process they use dissolves and removes dirt, spots, spills, and grease. As well as reduce allergens, dust mites, mold spores commonly found in carpet fibers. It is also 100% child & Pet Safe.

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning is licensed and insured to go to your business, and they have a flexible schedule. What’s even better is that NaturalDry’s Carpet Cleaning process allows your carpets to be dry and back in service within 1 hour. Their products are eco-friendly and organic, and they clean anywhere. They also have portable cleaning equipment for high rises & office buildings.

According to NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning, carpet plays an essential role in filtering the air indoors as it traps and holds soil, dust, and allergens. The vertical pile of carpet traps and holds many times its weight in small particles.

For tile and grout cleaning, NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning offers scrubbing, agitation, soil extraction, and sealing. When it comes to these areas, the carpet cleaning company believes hard surface cleaning is a must. This is because soil builds up and is absorbed into the grout and forms a layer on tile making it look dingy. So, NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning takes care of this with deep cleaning, which helps removes dirt, grease, staining, etc. Their technicians use counter-rotating brushes for scrubbing and hot water extraction for soil removal.

NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning is an excellent carpet and tile cleaning company in Las Vegas. They offer a wide range of services for you to choose, as mentioned above, from residential carpet cleaning to commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug dry cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning too.

Contact this Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas company today if you need one of their carpet cleaning or tile cleaning services. The Tile Cleaning Last Vegas company uses products that are 100% eco-friendly and the team only uses biodegradable products on carpet. You can ring the team of professionals on 702-750-7093 to book an appointment today. Or you can go online to their new website at, where you can find out and read more about their carpet cleaning, and even book an appointment through their new online booking system.


About NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning

A locally owned company, NaturalDry Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas and Henderson was started by two entrepreneurs wanting to provide a quality product with excellent service. NaturalDry services Carpet, Upholstery, Area Rugs (Synthetic, Poly, Wool and Silk Rugs) and Tile/Grout Cleaning.

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