It involves new embed-able mortgage widgets for realtor websites. These will enhance the user experience for realtor websites that allows users to generate reports on various types of mortgage calculators. has an all in one mortgage calculator on their site. The widget displays a mortgage payment calculator, mortgage affordability calculator, and rent vs. buys calculator. have broken down a step by step process. For step one, you choose the widget and select the HTML code provided. For step 2 you paste the HTML code anywhere on your website to display the widget.

A great attribute is that all the tools are designed to open in a new window. Therefore your visitors will never have to leave your website to use calculators. You are saving them a great deal of time by having this embed-able mortgage calculator.

Interestingly, the calculator widgets itself are free of charge under one condition – you agree not to modify the HTML code. So, changing the HTML code may result in the widgets not functioning correctly, you should bear this in mind.

At, there are three different types of calculators:

1. Fixed Price/Variable Rate Mortgage Calculator

2. Affordability Calculator

3. Rent vs. Buy Calculator

For the payment calculator, the widget will only display the mortgage payment calculator. It has size requirements of width – 300 pixels, and height – 500 pixels. For the affordability calculator, there are 600 pixels for the height. And then back to 500 pixels for the rent vs. buy calculator. All you have to do copy and paste the code onto your website to display the calculator. has one request from their clients that you can support them by placing one of their banners on your website. Their flags are designed to open in a new window so your visitors will never have to leave your site when clicking on the banners. provides customers with a superb mortgage and financial resource. They aim to help homebuyers better understand what they are getting themselves into when purchasing or renting a property.

When you go onto, you can use the calculator to generate a mortgage amortization report (fixed rate), this is extremely useful as it includes a mortgage payment summary, a loan comparison, mortgage saving tips, and amortization schedule. is always trying to improve their services and the mortgage and financial resource they supply. They mention that if you have a smartphone with a data connection, you can also use their mobile version of the calculator on your phone. This is very useful if you are on the go all the time and can’t access a computer.

When it comes to buying a property and choosing the right mortgage are tasks that should be thought through and planned out carefully.

With mortgage affordability calculator, they can estimate the type of homes you can afford based on your monthly income streams and expenses. They can generate a detailed mortgage affordable report for your immediate and future reference.

If you are a realtor and looking for a new way to embed mortgage calculators onto your website, then get in touch with today. You can go online to their website – or email [email protected] for any queries about the mortgage calculator.


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