MechRec is a recruitment start-up for engineering specialists that are dominating Instagram, in turn, to help boost their business and gain new customers worldwide. They have extensive knowledge and expertise with a global network, assisting international clients and assisting clients in finding their perfect job.

24-year-old CEO, Chris Burke founded the recruitment agency from Aberdeen, Scotland. Chris had noticed how out-of-date the staffing of the mechanical engineering sector was, and decided to make use of the social media platform, Instagram to help grow the business.

This marketing approach of linking engineering with Instagram is quite unusual in this industry for the recruitment of engineering jobs. However, it has become quite clear and evident that social media platforms, particularly Instagram, is a terrific channel for businesses to connect with their customers, build brand awareness, and altogether improve their marketing strategy.

Through the use of viral content, MechRec has been able to build an online fanbase and change up the engineering staffing market. The recruitment agency understands that being represented on one single social media site such as LinkedIn is not enough, and that is why they use Instagram.

The platform has grown this millennial start-up quickly and efficiently, having gained over 200,000 followers on Instagram in the first eight months. Burke has effectively introduced a new marketing approach to the sector, helping with the staffing solutions of the engineering sector, which was once stale.

This social media skill utilised by MechRec has helped the recruitment agency grow internationally and in turn, gain new customers worldwide. MechRec is one of a kind start-up using a marketing method that is brand new in the engineering industry.

At present, MechRec has over 3500 posts on Instagram, and in addition to this great success, Elon Musk recently shared one of MechRec’s posts on his Twitter. This has helped further grow and develop the recruitment agency in Aberdeen.

MechRec operates on a consultancy basis, and they can fill in any engineering role no matter the level of seniority. The start-up takes time to understand to go through your ethos and goals so that they can place candidates that suit your organisation and will be willing to stay long term.

At this Aberdeen engineering recruitment agency, they take the time to understand your motivations and aspirations to find you a job that helps you grow. They’ll guide you through the entire process and advise you on CV preparation. They will also provide you with feedback that is constructive to assist you in gaining a competitive edge.

MechRec not only specialises in engineering recruitment, but they also make sure you match the right talent to rewarding opportunities in engineering. So, whether you’re a business looking to have a competitive workforce, or an individual hoping for a productive career in engineering, MechRec has a clear, concise and efficient approach.

The recruitment agency is passionate about engineering recruitment. Throughout Aberdeen, MechRec has helped individuals find the right opportunity to utilise their skills and build a career that’s right for them.

If you are in search for a mechanical engineering job, then contact MechRec today on +44 0800 019 8868 or email Chris Burke on [email protected].

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