Are you considering hiring a private investigator? Regarded as the backbone of surveillance and security, private investigators are the experts when it comes to revealing the truth and providing evidence to support suspicions.

Melbourne Detective are a leading team of private investigators that find you the right agent with the right skills for the job. A diverse and technical collective with exceptional investigatory skills, they use the very latest in modern technology and equipment to assist with everything from background checks and surveillance to fraud and missing persons.

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Below, we outline 5 common scenarios where it’s best to call a private investigator:

  1. You need to monitor a suspicious individual

There are many reasons why you may want to monitor the activities of somebody. Some of the most common are marital infidelity and affairs, drug activity, child abuse, and fraud. The role of the private investigator is to report back with evidence that can be used in prosecution, and this is achieved through very careful planning and execution. The equipment used by Melbourne Detective can consist of specialist cameras, drone surveillance and social media robots, and the tracking is carried out with complete discretion.

  1. You need to track a missing person

If somebody close to you has gone missing, it can be a very distressing time. Most people do not have the skills nor time to confidently piece together a roadmap and track down a missing person, and this can leave you feeling lost. A private investigator such as Melbourne Detective, through investigate techniques such as background checks and witness questioning, can provide much needed expertise and support when tracking a missing person.

  1. You need surveillance of an event or asset

Very often private investigators are used for security and detective purposes. The vast range of specialist surveillance equipment that Melbourne Detective utilize can be moulded to suit your needs, whether it’s for a one-off event, regular surveillance or for an important location.  Security cameras, hidden cameras and spy cameras can all play an important role in the surveillance of an event or asset, and Melbourne Detective can also provide bodyguards, drones, and individual surveillance, based on your requirements.1

  1. You, or your business, has been the victim of fraud

Fraud is on the rise, and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has warned that organised crime groups are increasingly benefitting from fraudulent activity. If you or your business has been the victim of fraud, the financial impact can be devastating. Melbourne Detective can help you to investigate who carried out the fraudulent activity and how it occurred, specailising in superannuation fraud, serious and organised investment fraud, mass marketed fraud, revenue and taxation fraud, financial market fraud, card fraud and identity fraud.

  1. You need to carry out a private background check

Sometimes, somebody doesn’t quite meet the eye. You may have a new friend, partner, or business investor that is acting suspicious, or have employed somebody new who lied about their CV skillset, their background, and even their name. If you need a private background check carried out on an individual, private investigators such as Melbourne Detective can carry out vigorous research and use investigator techniques to reveal the truth.


About Melbourne Detective:

The work Melbourne Detective carry out goes beyond that of being leading private investigators. They’ve taken a stance to educate and reveal the real truth on issues that impact the country through their Melbourne Detective Media (YouTube Channel).

They’ve also set up Melbourne Detective Media (MDM), which goes behind enemy lines to bring you the real truth and facts on stories.

You can learn more about their work, their services, and their advanced technology surveillance, by searching for Melbourne Detective on Google.


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