Mega Towing Houston is a leading 24-hour towing and roadside assistance company based in Texas. Serving Houston and its surrounding areas, they have established themselves as a sought-after Houston towing company, expanding their service offer in-line with growing consumer demand for a reliable, professional tow truck service in the city.

Today, Mega Towing Houston have confirmed that they’ve further expanded their service list to now include 24/7 accident recovery. The team have provided accident recovery services to Houston communities for many years, but thanks to expansion within their team, they have confirmed that they are now able to offer this service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The news was welcomed by existing Mega Towing Houston customers who have had positive dealings with the company. Many stated that the experienced, friendly tow truck technicians who work for Mega Towing Houston are ideally positioned to run an around-the-clock service, thanks to their knowledge of the city and their dedication to fast response.

Below, we detail the new 24/7 accident recovery service from Mega Towing Houston, and outline why they’ve chosen to launch such a service at this stage:

Houston car accidents are plentiful – in times of trouble, customers look for a reliable, trustworthy and efficient Houston towing service

The last known official report into car accidents in Texas was conducted in 2020. It stated that there was over 58,000+ vehicle accidents in Houston alone, which is almost double that of Dallas (33,000) and San Antonio (31,976). With the city seeing it’s fair share of collisions, Houston tow truck companies are often busy helping tow away wrecked or damaged vehicles, or to provide roadside assistance to get drivers back on the road.

Determined to be there when customers need them most, Mega Towing Houston say that now is the right time to expand and launch their 24/7 accident recovery tow truck Houston service. They have confirmed that they can be called day, noon or night, to provide professional towing and roadside assistance in Houston and its surrounding areas.

A 24/7 accident recovery, towing and roadside assistance service that puts the customers’ needs first

Those who are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident can be in a state of shock, feel angry, or experience emotional distress. If medical attention isn’t required, the focus quickly shifts to recovering vehicles, but adrenaline can hinder decisions.

Speaking to a team that can provide a calming, confident and quick response, alongside expert light, medium and heavy duty towing services, not only helps to alleviate the situation but reassures those involved in an accident that they are in good hands.

Mega Towing Houston TX say their expert team are seasoned professionals when it comes to accident recovery. With fast response times, commendable customer care, and quality-assured services, they effectively deal with all towing, roadside assistance or accident recovery needs.

Mega Towing Houston continue to evolve to meet the demands of customers

As a leading Houston towing service, Mega Towing Houston have established this reputation through the continuous evolution of their service offer. Renowned for their affordable prices, 24/7 support and professional team, they routinely assess other Houston tow truck companies and their competition, to identify ways to retain their position as market-leaders.

From investing in modern tow truck technologies as and when they become available, to recruiting more customer service professionals who have undoubted expertise in customer care, they say they are determined to meet and excel on the demands of their customers.

The launch of the Mega Towing Houston 24/7 accident recovery service has further strengthened their status as a leading towing service in the city and highlights a commitment to be there when customers need them most.

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Mega Towing Houston has provided quality towing, roadside assistance and accident recovery in Houston, TX, for many years. Backed up by a team of resolute tow truck technicians, their reputable services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Learn about Mega Towing Houston, their services and the areas they serve via the website.


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