Being regarded as one of the very best wealth advisors in all of Canada is some feat, yet that is the title that has been bestowed on Rob Tetrault of Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group.

To the outside world, Rob is a loving father, a dedicated husband, a family man well known in the community. Yet within the investment world his reputation is truly unrivaled thanks to his ranking in Wealth Professional Canada (WP) Top 50 Advisors list for the past six years, winning it four times out of six times.

Coming in as runner up in the 2021 awards, Rob’s continued success has made him and his team a well-established and sought-after name in the financial planning industry.

So, who is Rob Tetrault, and how did his success come to be? Let’s meet the man and uncover the story:

  1. Who is Rob Tetrault?

Rob Tetrault is an award-winning Portfolio Manager at one of the top wealth management firms in Canada. Previously a successful lawyer at MLT Aikins, Rob left practicing law 11 years ago and since built a strong team and a reputation as a forward-thinking advisor.

With a Finance MBA and the most certifications of any advisor in WP’s list of the Top 50 Wealth Advisors, Rob’s knowledge and capabilities are unmatched.

Also known as the World’s Greatest Dad, he is a dedicated husband and father who co-founded the Canadian CMB Foundation, a charity on a mission to eradicate congenital CMV, the #1 cause of infant disability.

Now the Head of the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, he is known for redefining the practice of financial advising and portfolio management through his transparency, honesty and dedication, building a practice of high net worth individuals where his clients’ interests come first.

  1. Winning ‘Top Wealth Advisor’ four out of six times, and appearing in second place in 2021

To be considered among the best in the country is some accomplishment. Rob has cemented his place on this list thanks to his consistent appearances within WP’s Top 50 Advisors rankings for the past six years (every year since its launch in 2016).

To appear on the list, WP solicits nominations from advisors, industry professionals and clients; only nominated advisors are eligible for the list. The final list is based on weighted ranking in four categories, including overall assets under management (AUM), AUM growth, client growth and the advisor’s total certifications beyond a bachelor’s degree and basic securities license.

Rob has won the award 4/6 times in the past. In 2021, Rob placed runner up, and this consistent ranking over such a long period of time makes him one of the most in-demand advisors in the country.

  1. The future for Rob, the team, and the clients

Rob has received a lot of media attention as of late, being approached on multiple occasions by national business news networks who want him to be the centerpiece of their news.

Rob continues to focus on building his team of reputable financial advisors. He plans on releasing over 100 pieces of content for clients, such as video and blog entries over the next year and growing his YouTube/Facebook/LinkedIn follower bases in the process. Follow him on these platforms to keep up to date with his best-in-practice and insightful content.

Rob wants to grow the Canaccord branch by around $150 million and have a wonderful year for risk-adjusted returns to make sure clients’ capital is well protected.

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Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group specializes in on-going complex wealth management solutions as well as fee only financial planning services. The Canaccord branch offers executive wealth management strategies in areas such as investment, financial, tax, insurance, retirement, and estate planning.


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Rob Tetrault is Head of the Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management. The group offer clients many services related to their respective financial goals and needs including but not limited to: Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, and Insurance Planning. For more information, take a look at the website:


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