MapAnything, (, a software company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is pleased to announce its final route planning software available in, allowing businesses to save time and boost productivity.

Planning routes by hand have never been a simple and stress-free task. No matter if a person’s priority is dealing with a successful sales team or organizing a big fleet, manual planning could result in route imprecisions. Imprecisions denote unsatisfied clients, lowered lead generation, and costly delivery blunders. MapAnything’s route planning software not just establishes effective routes in a few minutes, but it also determines a business person’s best opportunities for growth.

One thing that makes MapAnything’s route planning software is based on Distance Matrix API that was created by the leading Ph.D.’s in vehicle routing. The software can compute the shortest distances and the fastest travel times. What’s more, it also accounts for a year’s worth of regular traffic to generate the best possible route for the user’s journey. They also take pride that it was architected to process at speeds a hundred times faster than other APIs available in the market.

 “With so many possibilities, it is clear that finding a nice route can’t be done precisely with pins and a map, and even employing a computer, it takes up a huge amount of processing power,” says John Steward, co-founder of MapAnything. “Our route planning software can compute the shortest distances and quickest travel times between different locations.”

MapAanything software offers field teams more efficient, effective, and lucrative with route optimization and planning apps producing the most powerful route. That enables the user to execute necessary Salesforce task from the map, including adding contacts to a marketing campaign with a single click, create new events and tasks, update records, and log calls. Users can also schedule and streamline an entire week in the app to spend less time planning and have more time selling.

What’s more, the dynamic route software from the company brings the user’s CRM data to life. It guarantees field teams are working at optimum efficiency. Whenever each meeting is a new chance to generate revenue, field teams require the necessary tools in their resource to spend more time with clients and less time organizing routes or doing administrative tasks.

“The value of being able to automatically and rapidly plan better routes can’t be underestimated. Along with our route optimization technology, anyone who has the tedious task of handling complicated delivery or appointment schedules can now organize better routes in just a fraction of time,” expressed Steward.

Some of the benefits of using the route planning software include: optimizing fleet management and territory tracking, offers essential information on the go, drives employee accountability, boost productivity and sales revenue and ultimately, automatically organizes complicated route planning.

MapAnything’s route planning software equips field reps with the data they need to do productively and produce a higher ROI for their business.

About MapAnything:

MapAnything was founded in 2009 as an idea by co-founders Ben Brantly and John Steward when working Saber Business Solutions, a Salesforce Partner. With more than 2,000 clients and more than 150 staff around the world, they help their clients boost revenue, drive productivity, deepen customer loyalty, and obtain better territory visibility.


For more information about MapAnything’s route planning software, call Kelli Tejada at 1-866-547-8016 or send her an email at [email protected]. Interested people who wish to get their live demo, can visit the website


About MapAnything

MapAnything was born in 2009 as an idea by co-founders John Stewart and Ben Brantly when running Saber Business Solutions, a Salesforce Partner.  In 2012, the company changed its name to Cloudbilt and released a suite of applications to…

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