Springboard Working Surfaces provide products designed exactly in the way clients work. Their products are leading innovations made of high-quality materials and creative designs. They are simple but elegant and efficient in terms of collaboration device. All of their products are created in this manner, including their magnetic glassboards.

One of the most durable and practical products, this particular product has an incredible tidy appearance along with the ability to hold vital records, schedules, and examinations. This makes magnetic glassboards a popular device for teachers, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals. Springboard Working Surfaces offer this amazing product with tough stability and durability.

Magnetic glassboards are great products for the office as it can make planning and instruction easy for the company. It can serve as a board for bringing ideas to life as well as a hub for details for the staff. Besides this function, it also adds an aesthetic quality to the office as its appearance is one of its most attractive qualities.

Businesses, schools, and medical facilities also find the magnetic whiteboard to be an excellent tool for its durability and toughness. Magnetic glass dry erase boards are known to last for as long as the user looks after them. Springboard Working Surfaces provide the best magnetic glassboards of a wide array of selection of sizes and shades.

Moreover, they can even customize boards to match the company’s trademark color. The company also supplies their products with customized logo or branding design as selected by the client. Along with that, they offer customized sizing for free. At Springboard Working Surfaces, customers can have magnetic glassboards with stainless-steel sand offs that offer depth to their area.

There are wonderful benefits that the magnetic whiteboard offers its users. When used in hospitals, the magnetic names offer an easy change for scheduling. In workplace settings, it helps in the maintenance of essential papers by putting them together. In schools, professors could use the board to hang assignments or no named exams.

There is an excellent value that magnetic whiteboards offer. Springboard Working Surfaces especially take pride in their magnetic glass whiteboards with undoubted top quality and sturdiness. Made with laminated or tempered safety glass, the product can be used with confidence. Along with magnetic whiteboards, the company also offers custom color dry erase boards.

At Springboard Working Surfaces, whiteboards come in wall-to-wall, wall mount, or mobile working surfaces. These are products made with the highest quality materials, pioneering technology, and innovative design. All of these combined create straightforward but effective collaboration tool that offices, schools, and other facilities can use.

About Springboard Working Surfaces:

Springboard Working Surfaces is a company that specializes in providing interactive working surfaces. They offer a wide array of products utilizing pioneer technology, innovative design, and quality materials to provide clients with a simple but effective tool. These are tools that effectively resolve collaboration challenges and bring ideas to life.

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About Springboard Working Surfaces

Our products are designed for the way you work. Leading technology, quality materials and forward thinking design working together to deliver a simple, yet effective collaboration tool that brings ideas to life. Whether you need mobile, wall mount or wall-to-wall,…

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