Local Trowbridge Plumber Imposes Extortionate Brexit Tax On Customers. The plumbers Trowbridge are based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. According to the Trowbridge Plumbers, they are fed up with the constant talk of Brexit, this is happening when the plumber’s go into people’s houses, and all they want is to do their work. Still, they are getting tired of discussing the nonsense surrounding Brexit.

Each plumber at Trowbridge is feeling down because of it already, so they think they don’t need the added stress, and vice versa, especially when everyone should be working together and making it work. So, the owner at Trowbridge Plumbers has decided to give a 5% discount to any homeowner who does not mention or bring up Brexit, and this will be provided by the plumbers who are on call fixing problems in your home.

However, the plumber in Trowbridge has instructed all his plumbers to add a 39% Brexit Tax to the invoice of any client who does bring up Brexit and anything to do with Brexit while the plumbers are on site. He also mentions that the Brexit Tax is to be paid in euros and the discount of 5% will be in Pounds Sterling.

Trowbridge Plumbers are serious about the 5% discount, and they will get to keep it in their own pockets. On the other hand, the 39% Brexit tax will be donated to the charity of the customer’s choice, so at least it will be going to a good cause.

Trowbridge Plumbers want to make it clear, that the owner’s instruction to add a 39% Brexit Tax to the invoice of any client who mentions Brexit, is of course voluntary. There is no reason to feel pressured about this ‘Brexit Tax’ created by the owner. The reason the local Trowbridge Plumber adds Brexit tax to their bill is to hopefully put an end to people mentioning Brexit all the time when the plumbers are on call.

Once again, Trowbridge Plumbers plead with you to not mention Brexit and one of the plumbers will give you a 5% discount, but if you happen to mention Brexit, even just one comment about it, then they will add a 39% tax to your invoice. It is voluntary so not to worry, but the plumbers at Trowbridge Plumbers do insist you pay as it will go to a good cause especially since it doesn’t take a lot not to bring up Brexit, no matter how much of an opinion you have on it.

Plumber Trowbridge is very proud of the service they provide for their customers, and they don’t even charge you VAT as well as no call out fees. If you require assistance with a plumbing issue, the plumbers at Plumbers Trowbridge can solve any problem you may have and can be at your home or business very quickly. They work fast and efficiently making sure not to make errors as we complete all tasks including, leaks, blockages, toilet issues, sink issues and much more.

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Source: https://thenewsfront.com/local-trowbridge-plumber-imposes-extortionate-brexit-tax-on-customers/

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