According to Legal Marketing Systems, the Online Divorce PRO service offers many advantages. It’s convenient. It empowers the divorce consumer. It is cost effective, compared to the alternatives. These are just some of the features of online divorce. You also get the safety and security of a local California licensed Legal Document Assistant on your team.

Legal Marketing Systems also mentions that since the beginning of the Internet, two types of businesses have controlled the uncontested (no-contest) California divorce market. Hundreds of California law firms offer broad-based divorce services.  And approximately two dozen unlicensed and unregulated online divorce mills offer online divorce.  Most divorce mills are located outside California.

According to Legal Marketing Systems, neither category of business has served the California uncontested divorce consumer well. They go on to explain that lawyers have a proper position in the divorce industry. In particular, lawyers are necessary for contested, complex, high-dollar, and domestic violence cases. Yet their statistics show that over 70% of California divorces are uncontested.  Uncontested divorces have none of the features that require a lawyer.

Also, they state that California lawyers have continued to offer traditional fees of $2500 to $3500 for simple uncontested cases. Legal Marketing Systems considers these fees to be too high.  They claim such fees are at least $2000 more than the uncontested divorce consumer needs to pay.

Then there is the second option facing California divorce consumers. That is the option offered by unlicensed, unregulated online divorce mills. The risk to the consumer’s legal and financial future from using a divorce mill is high. The unqualified people who run the divorce mills do not know what they’re doing. They don’t know California law and procedure.  They certainly have no idea about the local rules and policies of a consumer’s local Superior Court. Legal Marketing Systems’ research indicates that 3 of the top 4 most active divorce mills in the California market have F ratings at the Better Business Bureau. Each also has dozens of complaints against them.

Today, there is a new uncontested divorce option available to California divorce consumers. Legal Document Assistants have existed in California for over 20 years. However, few people know about Legal Document Assistants or their services.  They have not been energetic at promoting their services, either as individuals or as a profession.

However, savvy Legal Document Assistants are now fighting back.  They are aided by the Online Divorce PRO service launched by Legal Marketing Systems.

Online Divorce PRO provides subscribing Legal Document Assistants with a suite of online divorce tools that includes lead generation and online divorce itself (online interview and online document preparation).  So Legal Document Assistants are now using the same wicked-cool software used by the divorce mills. They are just using it with greater skill and knowledge.

Online Divorce PRO is the Best of Both Worlds.  It provides the divorce consumer the convenience, empowerment and cost-cutting of online divorce. Plus it provides the safety and security of having a local licensed Legal Document Assistant on your team.

Contact Legal Marketing Systems today if you are interested in a cheap divorce or a fast divorce.  You can call Online Divorce PRO today at 844-732-5243 to be connected to your local Legal Document Assistant. You can also go online to the Online Divorce PRO website and find out more information about online divorce in California.


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