The days of a locksmith showing up at when locked out of a home or car are long past. Today’s locksmith is capable of much, much more than that. In fact, it is common to see some locksmiths studying schematic diagrams as part of a new electronic lock system.

David Shtelzer is a commercial locksmith in Miami, Florida. He has been a locksmith for many years and has seen the technology and field change much quicker than some would think.  Shtelzer still will help unlock a car or home, but he is doing things on a much grander scale than previously.

“I have some customers needing something specific like access control in a Miami office, an entire apartment complex needing a rekey or even creating master keys for certain individuals with multiple properties. I still do lots of residential and automotive locksmith services in Miami, but commercial work is fast becoming my standard,” said Shtelzer.

As a full service locksmith, Good Lock, Inc. is much more than keys and locks. Shtelzer and his crew of highly trained technicians also work with safes, hotel pass keys and other things like cameras.

“One of the fastest growing part of my industry is the role of designer locks in multi-million dollar homes. These are seen frequently, but I am seeing more and more designer locks on standard starter homes. It really does add a nice look and feel to an otherwise ordinary home,” said Shtelzer.

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