Some of us love to have our picture taken. Others hate it. Yet even the most camera-shy of ladies in Colorado Springs are finding their confidence and oozing their sex appeal, thanks to a photography style called ‘boudoir’.

This style of photography is the ultimate way to document your beauty. Different to the likes of glamour or art nude photography, it instead focuses on intimate, romantic and suggestive poses, and outfits that that make ladies of all body-types dazzle.

Lea Flores is a woman with a long history in boudoir photography. For well over a decade, she’s been helping ladies in Colorado Springs embrace their bodies with her astonishing boudoir photoshoots.

Here’s why ladies of Colorado Springs are choosing Lea Flores Boudoir Photography:

  1. It’s a huge confidence booster, revealing your true beauty and sex appeal

When you ask Lea to take boudoir photos of you, the experience is all about you. It’s much more than photoshoot. It’s about revealing to yourself just how sexy you can be, just how beautiful you are, and why you should have this confidence in yourself each and every day.

As you strike poses in your suggestive lingerie, you’ll get to chat and become at ease with Lea. A lot of her clients see her as a close-knit girlfriend, and she has an incredible superpower that fills you with confidence. Her goal is to make every woman that walks into her private boudoir studio in Colorado Springs see themselves as Lea does through her lens, which is attractive, racy, and elegant, all rolled into one.

  1. It’s a fun and romantic way to visually document all sorts of occasions, such as weddings or your maternity

At the private studio, Lea can provide you with the sensual pictures and seductive lingerie to suit any occasion, and the outfits that bring beauty to life.

For weddings, a bridal line is available that will have your partner wishing it were the honeymoon already. Create a boudoir album and give your partner a treat that he can always look back on favorably.

For maternity, Lea can make you feel beautiful as you glow in every picture taken. It’s very common to feel lethargic and downbeat during pregnancy, but one shoot with Lea at her studio, and you’ll leave appreciating your body and the absolute wonders of giving life to another human being.

  1. You’ll be having your pictures taken by the queen of boudoir, Lea Flores

Lea is well known in the industry having photographed women now for over 10 years. As a specialist in boudoir photography, she’s not only fun and easy to work with, but she can make even the most unconfident of us shine.

It comes down to understanding how women want to look and feel. Being a woman, Lea can put herself in your shoes, understand what you’re most comfortable in showing off, and where you’re less likely to feel confident.

Bad posing, choices of lighting and over-editing can ruin a boudoir photoshoot. Lea knows how to pose a woman’s body better than anybody, no matter your body type, and boudoir photography is her life and true passion. You won’t find anybody better to work with than the queen of boudoir.

  1. Whether you’re doing it for yourself, or for another, it’s an experience you’ll never forget

The word that comes to mind with boudoir photography is empowering. Lea’s clients come to her for many different reasons. Some are experiencing painful divorces that have taken some of their soul, some want racy wedding photos, some want to show off weight loss, and others want to prove to themselves that their weight shouldn’t be holding them back.

Lea will never, ever judge you. In fact, many of her clients find it rewarding to spend the time talking to Lea about their lives, and this helps to create a bond that makes the photoshoot an unforgettable experience, ensuring you get the most out of your time.


More Information:

Lea is the proud owner of Lea Flores Photography and the Boudoir Suite. After photographing hundreds of women and having so much fun with dress up and lingerie, she realized it was much more than the photo, and far more about the experience of feeling strength, confidence, and comfort. Learn more at the website: