Law Offices of Christian Schank and Associates, APC is a family law firm.  Schank and Associates boasts a legal team that is experienced and well equipped to provide clients with a thorough assessment of their legal matter. From initial filings to matters currently in court, they only provide the most effective legal advice and strategies aimed at producing the best possible outcome for their clients.

The legal team at Schank and Associates handle a wide variety of different family law matters that include: Child Custody, Pension Division, Child Support, Guardianship, Divorce, Property Division, Grandparent Rights, Spousal Support, Restraining Orders as well as family mediation precedings.

Law Offices of Christian Schank and Associates staffs well-experienced lawyers who know their way around local courthouses and utilize their extensive litigation experience and legal strategies to provide excellent representation for their clients. They walk hand in hand with clients assuring everything is both well-understood by their clients and well-executed in court. They accommodate the needs of their clients with respect and professionalism. They value the support and trust of their thousands of customers, so they never fail to give the best legal help to ensure a favorable outcome in their case.

Armed with their extensive experience in the field, they are confident that they can support their clients with the best legal solutions for their family law cases. They utilize careful strategic planning and effective implementation to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their clients.

The legal staff Law Offices of Christian Schank and Associates, APC is dedicated to serving their clients by providing quality legal service to protect the rights and families of their clients. They offer free case evaluations as part of their comprehensive and professional work. They understand that experiencing divorce and other family law matters can be extremely difficult for an individual and their family. It can lead to financial, mental as well as an emotional burden. With that in mind, the family law attorneys of the firm are willing to help their customers reduce the weight that they feel.

They legal team at Schank and Associates care for their clients. They understand that every client is unique and possibly going through a new and burdensome experience. In their effort to provide the best possible service, they continue to develop more effective legal solutions to produce the best possible outcomes for their customers. The goal of their clients is also their goal. They implement a holistic approach to avoid mistakes that can bring disappointments or undue stress and financial hardship to their clients. They also work with honesty and integrity guiding their clients through complex matters which are often hard to understand.

The attorneys of the firm know that children can be heavily effected by their parents’ divorce. Drawing from experience, the legal team does their absolute best to keep the best interest of children and their future in mind by offering practical family litigation tactics with favorable results for all involved. Their legal services are aimed to help both parties including their child(ren) to have a better life.

The team is passionate to provide family law services intended to help their clients maintain hope and confidence in their difficult situation. They offer excellent and consistent customer support because they want to provide more customized outcomes that will meet the needs and requirements of the individual clients.

Law Offices of Christian Schank and Associates value their solid reputation in the family law industry. With this, they never stop to give the best service to help improve the lives of their customers. The quality of their work, affordable service and professional team of lawyers and staff are the top reasons why they gained the trust of their clients.


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