Law Office of Bill Clanton PC advises their clients about consumer protection and offers assistance regarding employment and tenant background checks. According to Bill Clanton, people are denied housing and employment every day based on bad reports from background checking companies. These companies use ‘sloppy matching’ to create automated reports which prevent people from getting jobs and apartments.

Fortunately, the Law Office of Bill Clanton PC offers advice on consumer protection and how to get justice from companies who use background screening, employment background screening, and tenant background screening.

Bill Clanton is an advocate for all the consumers out there, and he had experienced a similar issue himself when he was in law school, and he was petrified that it would mess up his credit report, etc. Today, Bill Clanton and his office are proud to be able to help thousands of consumers who were cheated, ripped-off, and mistreated by debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, banks, credit unions, and car dealers.

Background check companies

According to the Law Office of Bill Clanton, employers do not have the authority to ask about your medical or genetic information. However, a background check allows them to read nearly everything else about you, from your personal history, credit history, employment history, to your education history, financial condition, and any criminal history.

Unfortunately, background check companies are unregulated and are allowed access to personal information, and today more than 90% of employers requesting at least a criminal history check. It is estimated that more than 90% of apartment complexes run background checks, many of which only give a thumbs up or down.

The Law Office strongly believes that these companies must follow the law and provide fair background checks. There is no government regulation of this industry. Also, that background check companies and employers should follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which involves the handling and reporting of your information. The FCRA also gives consumers a way to pursue these companies in court.

Issues with background checks

There are many issues with background checks, which end up being harmful to consumers. Some of the problems include mismatched people, incomplete information, misleading information, case dismissed or case sealed yet shows up, misclassified offense e.g., a misdemeanor shows up as a felony. This leads to people be wrongfully denied jobs and housing.

With regards to mismatched people, this can happen when two people share the same name or birthday, and makes it very difficult for companies to distinguish, showing that a background check isn’t always correct. Some of the matching algorithms employed by background checking companies only use a year of birth and not a full date of birth.

The Law Office of Bill Clanton has also found that many of the background check companies do not comply with the law and make reports with proper up-to-date information. This can lead to people who have had their record expunged or ordered non-disclosed to having these re-appear along with other expired or out of date data.

More information

The most important piece of advice or information that the Law Office can offer consumers is knowing that any employer needs your written permission to pull your credit report and once a background check company performs the background check, you have the right to a free copy. You just have to call them and request it.

The Law Office of Bill Clanton PC aims to protect consumers, so, if you have lost a job opportunity or a house because of inaccurate information on a background check, contact the office today on 210 226 0800 or send an email to [email protected] and the lawyers will be able to get started on your case immediately.


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