Saarbrücken, Germany – Law firm, Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg is proud to announce the opening of a new branch office in Saarlouis Germany which will continue to serve clients in various fields of law, including insolvency law, private construction law, tenancy law, labour law, inheritance law, criminal law, traffic law and corporate law.

With the intention of offering a wider variety of clients access to lawyers competent in a range of law specialty’s, Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg hopes its second branch in Saarlouis will not only accompany its central office in Saarbrücken, Germany, but will also provide residents in these areas the opportunity to receive targeted legal support.

A spokesperson for Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg said, “With commitment and professional qualifications, new client and consulting relationships were developed and the number of working lawyers increased. Today we are present in most areas of law in an advisory capacity and as legal representatives. We always see ourselves as consultants and stakeholders. For our understanding of advice, preventive advice is just as important as the search for amicable and cost-effective solutions to problems for our clients.”

Expertise In Several Legal Areas

The experienced team at Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg ensure they maintain the highest level of knowledge and are up-to-date with law developments by continually attending seminars and training events in the legal areas the law firm supports.

This dedication ensures the team of lawyers at Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg are able to proficiently help and advise its clients while additionally being a highly rated and reputable law firm.

Some of the legal areas that Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg specialise in, include the following:

Bankruptcy Law

If a company or a consumer is about to go bankrupt, Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg can arrange the right steps in the event of over-indebtedness or insolvency.

Private Building Rights

With its experience, Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg asserts possible construction defects for the client against building contractors and architects.

 Tenancy Law

Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg supports tenants and landlords in all legal questions and successfully represents its clients so that they obtain their rights.

Employment Law

Specializing in drafting employment contracts, effectively countering termination and enforcing employee and employer claims in court, Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg can help Saarland and in the neighboring federal states with employment law.

Right of Inheritance

Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg supports its clients in the distribution of inheritance, the drafting of wills and the enforcement of the compulsory portion.

Criminal Law

Criminal law regulates the state’s options for sanctioning the behavior of individuals that deserves punishment.

Traffic Law

In traffic law, Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg enforces clients claims after a traffic accident against the opposing liability insurance company and take care of the entire accident handling.

Corporate Law

Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg advises shareholders, managing directors and board members with regard to their rights and obligations in the company.

About Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg

The law firm Abegg & Abegg was founded in 1965 by Judicial Councilor Christel Abegg and attorney Dethart Abegg. Since 2002, the law firm has been managed by attorney Martin Abegg and specialises in various fields of law including insolvency law, private construction law, tenancy law, labour law, inheritance law, criminal law, traffic law and corporate law.

More information

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About Rechtsanwälte Abegg & Abegg

The law firm Abegg & Abegg was founded in 1965 by Justice Councilor Christel Abegg and lawyer Dethart Abegg . The law firm has been led by lawyer Martin Abegg since 2002.

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