New Freedom, PA – Lacrosse Balls Direct launched a new service that enables customers to get custom-made lacrosse balls with a minimum order of 60 balls. The company is also offering bulk discounts for regular certified balls with 4 cases minimum or more and clients can get immediate, no-obligation quotes online. Lacrosse Balls Direct makes balls that are certified by SEI and meet NOCSAE standards this meeting NFHS and NCAA requirements as well.

Customers can also choose between 6 practice colors which is the largest selection of colors of any ball supplier. The lacrosse balls can be customized in many different ways to instill pride and make them more brand relevant for those who need them. They offer Color Printed or Laser Etched custom balls. Customers will get to enjoy the marketing benefits of having their name, logo, website or contact number on the balls.

About Lacrosse Balls Direct 

Customers who are looking for affordable lacrosse balls can find everything they need at The company’s team is dedicated to providing the best possible product at a great price. Lacrosse Balls Direct prides itself on providing the best quality products and excellent customer service. Customers can get a money-back guarantee with all their major purchases and shop with confidence since they are going to receive the best quality lacrosse balls on the market. They also ship Same Day from their warehouse.

A portion of sales is set aside to support Lacrosse Charities because Lacrosse Balls Direct is committed to supporting charitable causes. The company also welcomes customers to share any new Lacrosse based charities that they can also start supporting by contacting the team. Customers who like to align themselves with family businesses that value high standards for all the products they put out will absolutely love working with Lacrosse Balls Direct.

Lacrosse Balls Direct sells a wide variety of lacrosse balls including NOCSAE, SEI, NFHS, and NCAA certified ones that cost between $23-$150. 

Customers can choose between: 

  1. 6 pack
  2. 12 pack 
  3. 18 pack 
  4. 24 pack 
  5. Half case (60 lacrosse balls)
  6. Full case (120 lacrosse balls) 
  7. Bulk orders (over 120 lacrosse balls) 

There are special discounts for bulk orders that include shipping to their location and small pack customers can expect to receive free 2 day shipping if they choose to order 6 and 12 packs of lacrosse balls. Lacrosse Balls Direct is the best online store in the USA for the cheapest high-quality, SEI certified lacrosse balls.

These lacrosse balls are designed for training, competitive tournament gameplay, as well as high school and college tournaments. These lacrosse balls are also suitable for players of any age. Each ball is produced according to SEI regulations and NOCSAE making them perfect for NCAA and NHFS games.

Lacrosse balls can be used for massage therapy to improve health and even physical therapy to soothe back pain and myofascial trigger points. They can be used for foot massages, games like CrossFit, and even for people to play fetch with their dogs or juggle for entertainment. Lacrosse balls have several uses and it’s important that customers get the best quality ones to ensure that they get their money’s worth and are happy with their purchase.

The lacrosse balls sold on this website come in many beautiful colors including royal blue, teal, pink, purple, black, orange, red, yellow, white, and even lime green. If you’d like to learn more about Lacrosse Balls Direct, please visit their website.


About Lacrosse Balls Direct

We have a unique philosophy and a unique way of thinking about a simple little product: the Lacrosse Ball.

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