Kent Chiro-Med Wellness Clinic is a state-of-the-art chiropractic clinic base in downtown Ottawa also specialises in physiotherapy and sports therapy. The professional team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and wellness experts at the clinic are passionate about healing people and improving their lives, and they will stop at nothing to look out for those in their care.

Staff at the clinic are on a mission to relieve pain, reduce reliance on medication, improve mobility, and rehabilitate injuries. They do this by mixing chiropractic adjustments with physiotherapy and other beneficial treatments, ensuring that their patients receive the best care possible in the process. They know that pain is different for every single patient they see, and that each individual has different needs, so they offer treatment plans tailored to meet your needs, constantly adapting the plans around the evolution of your pain.

Putting patients first

At Kent Chiro-Med Wellness Clinic, everything revolves around the patients and their needs. Once you have an appointment, you can rest assured that you will receive the very best care possible; nothing is rushed, and the empathetic and knowledgeable practitioners actually listen to your needs in detail before beginning treatment; they will always adopt a conscientious approach to improving your overall health and wellbeing. If, for some reason (e.g. safety, anxiety, medical condition, spinal or joint contraindication), you are not a suitable candidate for chiropractic adjustments, and they are able to give you different treatment solutions that match your needs without resorting to an adjustment.

As a prospective patient, the team at the clinic will provide you with a safe environment where you can feel respected, valued, and supported. They will do everything in their power to help you recover the function and the lifestyle you had before your injury. What’s more, they truly believe that knowledge often defeats fear, so they always aim to educate their patients on the whats, whys and hows of their pain and treatment in order to put their mind at ease throughout their experience at the clinic.

Be pain-free and achieve your goals

As a chiropractor and physiotherapy clinic, the Kent Chiro-Med Wellness Clinic is capable of treating an incredibly wide range of ailments including back and neck pain, hip and leg pain, sciatica, sprains, headaches, pinched nerves, and much more. Although each treatment plan is tailored to specific conditions and patient needs, as mentioned previously, it is generally common for the team to approach treatment by first using chiropractic adjustments (if suitable) to ensure they get rid of any pain and improve your range of motion as soon as possible. Then they may work to consolidate this with long-term rehabilitation through physiotherapy treatments and physical therapy (for example spinal decompression, shockwave therapy, concussion rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, balance and agility training, muscle strengthening, and myofascial release therapy).

The team also understands that many of their patients come to the clinic with very specific functional goals in mind. For example, maybe you’re a keen footballer who wants to stop being held back by ankle pain, or a grandparent with shoulder pain who wants to be able to pick up your newborn grandkid without suffering… Whatever your functional goals are, the friendly and experienced staff at the clinic will be happy to help you accomplish them, empowering you to live your best life free from limitations.

More information

Kent Chiro-Med Wellness Clinic is a dedicated treatment centre providing tailored treatments to help a wide range of ailments. So, if you’re looking for a physical therapist, chiropractor Ottawa or physiotherapy Ottawa then look no further. To find out more about the clinic and discover how they can help you, please visit their website at – and if you like what you see there, you can conveniently book an appointment with them online! For any inquiries, please get in touch with a member of the team by phoning +16135080113 or emailing [email protected]


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