Hong Kong, China – Kataphrakt Limited crafts affordable luxury watches for men and has released a new automatic series for just £149. Built with a passion for precision and timeless style this new design is the perfect accessory for stylish men who appreciate quality.

The new Hoplon series features two sophisticated models in Mocha Oak and Midnight Noir. Both models are designed with a polished rose gold stainless steel case, scratch-resistant mineral glass, and hand-crafted genuine suede leather straps. The 40mm case watches are durable to be worn throughout the day and elegant to be worn for special occasions. Kataphrakt Limited strives to create the best value luxury watches for men and the new Hoplon series is an achievement of that goal.

“We are proud to say that our product is not for the ‘elites’ where brand supersedes the cost-effectiveness of the purpose of the watch, timekeeping, and fashion,” said Founder Joshua Kim.

Joshua Kim set out to craft a watch brand with 3 core elements – a captivating design, robust construction for daily reliability, and an affordable price. After years of meticulous preparation testing mechanical movements, materials, and prototyping, Kim found the perfect solution. By relocating away from New Zealand to the epicentre of watchmaking, Hong Kong, it allowed the team to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

The Hoplon series is one of the best watches under 500 with its intricate design featuring Roman numeral hour markers and an abstract crisscross pattern on the dial. The elegant design utilises a variant of ETA movement with a day/night complication and dual time settings. Automatic watches make winding unnecessary as motion caused by the wearer creates energy to wind the watch automatically. With many designer automatic watches demanding a high price point, the Hoplon series is an alternative selection of affordable automatic watches.

Even the packaging stays on brand with its opulent design. Each watch comes in a two-tone Saffiano leather box with a cherry oak warranty card. The warranty is a comprehensive 2-year warranty and insurance allowing peace of mind to customers. The company’s premium support continues with dedicated customer service for all inquiries and issues.

Kataphrakt Limited is blazing the way through the industry for men’s watches, proving luxury design and functionality does not need to come at a cost. The introduction of the Mocha Oak and Midnight Noir models brings sophisticated style and reliable performance to watch enthusiasts at an exceptional value.

To shop the new series and find detailed information, visit the official Kataphrakt Limited website. Kataphrakt Limited provides flexible payment options, secure transactions, and free global shipping on all orders.

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Kataphrakt Limited, based in Hong Kong, produces affordable men’s watches without sacrificing design, durability, or longevity the brand is sought after by style-conscious men worldwide who want timeless, high-quality, reliable watches.

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To learn more about Kataphrakt Limited and the Hoplon affordable automatic watch series, please visit https://kataphrakt.watch/.

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