Finnish company Karhu Sportswear has launched Ninja Sports, a new online streaming service that aims to bring the best of the athletic world to sports enthusiasts. The service is incredibly tailored to its users’ wishes, providing a satisfying viewing experience all round. You are sure to find something you love to watch among the huge selection of events on offer all in the same place; all you need to do is browse, make your selection, then sit back and relax in front of your favourite exciting sporting event.

Finland is a passionate sporting nation interested in a wide variety of athletic events, from traditional sports such as football and tennis to more unusual and modern events like table-tennis and even eSports. Therefore, it follows that Ninja Sports covers thousands of different sports events to satisfy every viewer’s individual taste. Watching sports online has never been so effortless and convenient, thanks to technological advances and services such as Ninja Sports! The company knows that clarity and ease are really important when watching sports, which is why they’ve worked hard to provide a user-friendly experience so you can explore what’s on offer and find an event you’d like to view quickly and easily.

What exactly does Ninja Sports have to offer?

Ninja Sports streaming service offers a truly comprehensive range of sporting events, both common and unusual. For example, the service includes access to various popular football competitions online like the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the European Championships, and the World Championships. The Olympics are also covered, of course, along with entertainment-based proceedings such as the Oscars for those viewers who are perhaps less into sports.

With the growing popularity of tennis in Finland (mainly due to the rising number of native star players) it would be a shame to miss out on matches. This is why Ninja Sports ensures they cover all of the biggest tennis matches in important events like the international Grand Slam.

As mentioned earlier, user-friendliness is important feature of the Ninja Sports service, so there is an easy-to-use browsing function where the different sports are separated into subcategories; all you have to do is simply select the sport you are interested in and browse the options available. There’s also a handy search feature that you can use if you have a specific event already in mind. What’s more, Ninja Sports keeps a close eye on the latest trends in the industry, which means their service is constantly evolving to provide you with the best possible experience.

More information

To find out more information about Ninja Sports’ comprehensive range of sports streaming services tailored to suit you, please go to Alternatively, for any inquiries please get in touch by emailing [email protected].