(New York, New York) – Same-sex marriages have been recognized in New York state since the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in July 2011. With the legalization of gay marriage, same-sex couples were also granted the right to legally dissolve their union, although for many gay and lesbian couples, finding reputable and reliable legal assistance has been challenging for far too long.

Divorce can be difficult and trying, fueling emotions and frustration as families navigate the complex process of dissolving their marriage. For same-sex couples seeking a same-sex divorce attorney in New York, there is no reason to look any further. With Juan Luciano, couples gain a trusted legal advocate, friend, and confidante who works hard to simplify and expedite this often-painful process.

For more than 15 years, Juan Luciano has worked to ease the pain as much as possible by helping clients make objective and sound decisions to protect their family now and for years to come.

When it comes to finding a family law attorney to help navigate life’s difficult chapters, it’s so important to find compassionate and understanding legal help, which is exactly what the law offices of Juan Luciano provide. This experienced legal team works with clients to help identify whether to seek a contested or uncontested divorce–and helps navigate complex issues, including asset and debt division, spousal and child support, and child custody disputes.

With divorce often comes other disagreements and tough decisions, including dividing property and assets, custody arrangements, and child support, known as a contested divorce. That’s why working with someone like Juan Luciano can make all the difference in what outcome is achieved. Leveraging a deep understanding of the laws that apply in New York is so important because state law allows for marital assets, property, and debts to be divided through equitable distribution, which can make the divorce process more expensive and more time-consuming. That can also make matters worse in the case of financial and child custody issues.

When it comes to the division of property among same-sex couples, things can get tricky. The accrual of property and assets that happened separately or before the relationship makes it tough to determine which items are marital property and the property’s valuation. That can lead to complicated and difficult financial disputes that require sound and knowledgeable legal help to navigate. Without a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, many same-sex couples have difficulty resolving financial disputes in a divorce.

In addition, having a skilled divorce lawyer can help ensure the best tax arrangements for both parties involved. That includes yearly taxes, 401(k)s, and pensions. An experienced same-sex divorce lawyer will be able to help you navigate these financial concerns.

But not every divorce involves contentious child custody or division of assets, and Juan Luciano and his team have years of experiencing in negotiating uncontested divorce cases, as well, enabling countless couples to reach a place where they can move past their differences peacefully.

Every legal journey with the law offices of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer begins with a one-on-one consultation with the legal team that will be handling that particular case. Through this initial conversation, attorney Juan Luciano and his team are better able to determine each client’s unique needs and wants, and to begin creating the optimal legal plan for achieving success.

When clients work with Juan Luciano they gain a legal advocate, a champion for the client’s rights, and a dedicated partner in finding the best possible solution and outcome for same-sex couples, facing a difficult moment along their journey.

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