Jon Finch, a highly popular magician, has been busy bringing magic to the masses by putting on mind-boggling virtual performances throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, he’s proud to be offering a 50% discount to all veterans and healthcare workers to thank them for their service and honor those who have supported him since the start.

Jon Finch’s incredible virtual magic has become a worldwide phenomenon, with hundreds of huge companies (such as Netflix, Amazon, CBS and Google) hiring him to perform in his interactive online magic shows. Jon’s performances are for adults, with all of his bookings for this year and 95% for last year being corporate events. Get in touch with him today to inject some magic into your event!

Connection during COVID-19

People all over the globe have been separated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s become all too clear how important human connection can be. Luckily, with the help of online live video platforms, entertainers like Jon Finch can bring shows to you, overcoming the pandemic’s boundaries to entertain you and connect with you no matter your physical location.

When our colleagues and friends are reduced to a tiny face in a small square on our screens, it can be hard to feel socially connected as a team. However, the beauty of Jon Finch’s interactive virtual magic is that it offers an opportunity for audience members to get to know one another on a much deeper level than virtual life usually affords. As master magician Jon Finch puts it: “Magic can make us feel more connected with one another, and that’s what I hope to achieve in my online magic shows.”

As an event manager, you can’t go wrong by hiring Jon to bring his amazing virtual magic to your corporate event. By doing so, you will ensure your team gets the entertainment they deserve and leave feeling more connected as colleagues and even friends, knowing that just because they’re not meeting in person, they’re still all in this together working towards the same thing. They will also leave feeling a more significant connection to your organization as a whole, so it’s win-win!

Why book Jon Finch?

Jon Finch is a highly skilled magician and mentalist with years of experience spent performing for a wide variety of audiences. Jon works hard to ensure each of his show’s attendees gets the chance to be “on stage” with him, as he says that his aim is to “make you feel like I’m right there with you, like you’re on stage with me looking over my shoulder.”

If your event is for a virtual birthday party, farewell sign off, or special promotion for a colleague, simply let Jon know and he can make the event extra magical to celebrate the special audience member.

With over 100 glowing reviews, it’s clear that Jon has achieved his goal of entertaining his audiences and bringing people closer together. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, contact Jon today to book a performance!


More information

Jon Finch is a talented magician based in Indianapolis offering virtual events for adults. You can discover the magic of Jon Finch’s interactive virtual performances here:

If you have any inquiries, please call 317 766 6519 or email [email protected]


About Jon Finch

Mentalist Jon Finch developed groundbreaking psychological techniques to simultaneously track the unspoken thoughts of multiple people.

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