Jigsaw Marketing is offering an award-winning testimonial video production service for your business. When it comes to your business, Jigsaw Marketing knows how important branding is. Jigsaw Marketing asks their clients many questions about their business, such as – What do you look like?  How are you defined?  What digital advertising tactics do you use, and how much video content do you have for them to find out about you? Fortunately, Jigsaw Marketing offers brand consultation in addition to particular branding tactics that make sure your first impression blows away the competition.

Jigsaw believes that content is key, but the video is of the utmost importance.  Jigsaw has an Emmy-winning team, so it comes at no surprise that they have the experience you need to produce world-class video, as well as advise you on the tactics to use it best.

They describe video production as a critical component of any serious marketing program. In this current era, it is not enough to have a vast digital presence, and you need a video to back it up.  Therefore, by outsourcing your video production to Jigsaw Marketing, they give you the flexibility to write, produce, direct, shoot, edit, animate, and compose music.

This saves your business from hiring your overworked one-person band, and you get accomplished and experienced producers who are an Emmy-winning team. They are flexible and efficient, with the ability to create multiple simultaneous video productions and keep you under deadline.

Jigsaw also mentions the social proof associated with your business. Jigsaw and its marketing team emphasize the importance of testimonial videos instead of written testimonials. It is not something to consider, according to Jigsaw, and it is what you need to have for your online business. Testimonial videos are the most effective ways to move your prospects further down the funnel.

However, not many people have a lot of testimonial videos due to many reasons. Many businesses find it too awkward interviewing their clients, and it can also be quite expensive to hire a video crew, as well as the difficulty to try and find the time and then will the testimonial video end up being effective or not.

So, you can spend all this time and money and have no results. Jigsaw Marketing has the solution for you. First, when you hire the professionals at Jigsaw to take over, they will create better visuals so it will entice the viewer, and they will include your brand’s logo at the beginning of the video.

For the interview part, the team will ring your client and ask specific questions and then record a voice-over of the client and then deliver to the Emmy award-winning animators. Then the finished product will be sent to you, which will be a 30-45 second 3D animated testimonial video. It will look visually appealing, and depending on the program you choose with Jigsaw, and you will have a brand-new video every 30-60 days.

Contact Jigsaw marketing today if you would like to the Emmy award-winning team of producers. Their producers will discuss the importance of branding your business and then offer their testimonial video creation services as they are highly effective for your business. You can contact them by phone today on (864) 297-6232, visit their website https://getjigsaw.com or by email at [email protected] for further information.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/jigsaw-marketing-offer-award-winning-testimonial-video-production/

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