Hermosa Beach marketing expert Jesse Grillo and his team have worked tirelessly over the years to provide valuable marketing services to their clients, creating thousands of highly profitable CBD marketing campaigns and helping hundreds of brands to build themselves an outstanding reputation and find success in a crowded industry. Now, Jesse Grillo shares some top tips for effectively marketing CBD during one of the busiest and most competitive seasons of the year.

Top ten holiday tips for CBD marketing

Cannabis marketing is a popular yet very oversaturated market, and when you add that to the fact that the holiday season is both the most profitable time of the year as well as the most competitive, it’s easy to see the challenges that a CBD business will have to overcome to be noticed and turn a profit. Luckily, Jesse Grillo has some tips on how to stand out from the crowd:

  • Always use good SEO practices. This can include having an active blog with engaging content to keep your audiences on your site, and being sure to include lots of quality CBD backlinks
  • All too many CBD companies have slow websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. People don’t have time to waste waiting around for sites to load or log onto a laptop, especially this time of the year, so don’t make these mistakes
  • Build relationships with customers by sending regular emails that are relevant to the unusual holiday season
  • Have a strong, consistent social media presence, and engage with your customers across various platforms. This shows your company is trustworthy and shows an element of humanity
  • Be sure to take the time to check metrics like pay-per-click value and your ROI
  • Perfect your packaging to boost your sales and stand out from the rest of your competitors – think about how the items would look as gifts
  • Ensure your website serves dual roles for this unusual holiday season as both a shopping destination and an aesthetic virtual window display. The pandemic means customers will be shopping almost exclusively online, looking for eye-catching designs, unique gift ideas and an engaging shopping experience
  • Make sure you narrow down your target audience and know them inside-out so that your marketing budget is spent wisely
  • Clearly understand where you can and can’t advertise, otherwise you may waste your budget and run into obstacles
  • Consider offering gift cards as an ideal gift – they are also a great way to convert recipients into CBD buyers

Marketing services to build your brand

The award-winning team at Jesse Grillo know that the essence of highly effective marketing is intimately understanding your customer. They help clients gain valuable insights into customer behavior, demographics and buying habits by using innovative in-house software to bring together all relevant available data.

Jesse Grillo offer a variety of services to help you up your edibles marketing game, such as data mining and demographics research, affiliate and multi-level marketing, social media marketing, direct mail, and SEO.

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Jesse Grillo is an experienced marketing consultancy agency located in Hermosa Beach, California. The team works hard to help businesses to grow and reach their target audience, and they have previously created highly profitable marketing campaigns for top CBD companies. To find out more about their work, please visit https://jessegrillo.com, or for any inquiries please email [email protected] or phone 805 630 0143.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/jesse-grillo-reveals-ten-great-tips-for-marketing-cbd-during-the-busy-holiday-season/

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