Since humanity’s first days, music and dance have played an integral part in our lives, shaping connections and communicating our unspoken thoughts. Now, dancing is a magical career or hobby, inspiring passion in millions if not billions of people across the globe.

For all of the passion and joy dancing can bring to our lives in various forms, it can come with frustrations and obstacles too. From suffering injuries and losing competitions, to not finding that perfect outfit that really flatters your body and dazzles your audience, such small issues can slowly sap the joy from dance. However, with the help of Jeravae, you can at least be sure that your outfit won’t be the thing that spoils your fun!

Jeravae is a popular provider of premium dancewear, offering elegant clothing options and dance accessories for male and female dancers of all body types. The company tag line sums up the brand really well; the team want you to ‘stand out like you’re the only one on the floor’ – and that’s exactly what they’ll help you do!

Dancewear for everyone

Curvy figures are often considered the picturesque feminine ideal, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to find dancewear that fits properly when the industry has traditionally catered for athletic body types. However, whether you’re curvy, plus-size, athletic, or slim, Jeravae is on a mission to prove that any body shape can be a dancer’s body. All it takes is a bit of skill, lots of passion and dedication, and the right outfit to truly make you shine!

No matter your body type, Jeravae has some tips to make sure your confidence is at an all-time high on the dancefloor. They advise dancers of all shapes and sizes to not be scared of showing a little skin, saying that a subtle slit in the side of a dress or lower necklines can flatter pretty much any figure.

Jeravae also mentions placing emphasis on your best asset through your outfit, whether that’s your waist or bust or legs or something else – especially don’t be afraid to highlight your waistline with a cinch belt or ruching if you have a curvy figure.

Finally, Jeravae recommends investing in flattering, high-quality dancewear that will turn heads for all the right reasons by buying from their diverse ranges that cater to men and women of all body types (including a dedicated plus size range). You can view their impressive range of Latin and ballroom dresses on the website.

Why choose Jeravae?

Jeravae was founded by a dancer who loves making her own outfits for recitals and competitions. She has been complimented very often on her original, elegant dancewear designs, so she eventually created Jeravae to provide premium quality outfits for other dancers to enjoy, too.

When you shop at Jeravae, you can rest assured that you will receive dazzling, high-quality unique dancewear as well as exceptional customer service. One customer, Grace, gave a glowing review of Jeravae in June this year:

“I absolutely love the dresses I ordered. The measurement chart was spot on and I didn’t have to do any adjustments except shorten the sleeves on the smooth dress. I received so many compliments and they looked like I spent much more than I did. Fabric is good quality, not transparent but not too heavy that it doesn’t allow movement. I appreciate that many of your designs have structured lines that flatters the female shape. I’ve found other practice dresses that make dancers look square. I am tempted to purchase a 2nd set in case they are discontinued. Thanks for carrying these designs and allowing me to feel even more confident at my rounds and level test!”

To find your perfect dance outfit and invest in a small business, please head to the Jeravae website today!


About Jeravae

Jeravae is an American dancewear company on a mission to provide high-quality dancewear to male and female dancers of all shapes and sizes. The company specializes in smooth, standard, Latin and rhythm dancewear.

To find out more, please visit the website at If you have a query, you can contact the team by emailing [email protected].


About Jeravae

I started this company on a whim, and it turned into the best thing in my life. Fellow dancers would ask me about my costumes because they were so unique and different.

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