Net Consulting know that the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and companies need to evolve right alongside new technologies or risk getting left behind. Businesses everywhere are pushing for a more agile and streamlined digital work experience, and it’s vital that they make sure their network can adapt to facilitate that experience rather than hinder it.

The truth is, traditional networks struggle to keep up with the rapid changes being seen across all aspects of business, especially now, with a workforce who are very likely to be spread out across numerous locations. These traditional networks are too static, relying on complicated configuration and physical hardware that needs to be installed at branch sites, with no convenient central management options. These complex traditional networks are quickly becoming outdated, as they are too time-consuming and costly to manage efficiently.

SD-WAN options to suit your business needs

A WAN, at its best, should be cost effective and deliver performance, availability and resiliency that far outweighs traditional network architecture. Managing those elements separately is going to be a very difficult, time-consuming task.

Enter SD-WAN, a technology which aims to streamline the deployment of WAN architecture, affording companies efficiency, visibility and centralised control – therefore saving time and money. Net Consulting offer tailored SD-WAN service options to suit business needs, including self-service and fully-managed SD-WAN services.

The self-service SD-WAN option is brilliant for businesses who simply need a guiding hand while maintaining a level of control. Net consulting will help companies deploy a public cloud-based service to administer, configure, and manage thier Hybrid Network. Benefits of this option include:

  • Routing application traffic in the most efficient, performant & cost-effective manner
  • Speeding up migration to cloud services with single click connectivity to the cloud from your network
  • Easily translating business intent into network configuration
  • Building policies that efficiently adhere to standards and business intent
  • Build once, standardise, and deploy multiple times with confidence

The fully-managed SD-WAN option is perfect for businesses who want to hand the burden of running a network over to Net Consulting’s dedicated team, essentially freeing up that company’s IT team to focus on other matters. Net Consulting’s specialists can help enterprise organisations design and deploy an SD-WAN solution, following which, they’ll monitor and manage everything for the customer. Benefits of this option include:

  • Initial solution implementation, including set-up of sites, policies, and application priority
  • Proactive monitoring of network to continually fine tune its operation
  • Clearly defined process to ensure seamless deployment and fast value realisation
  • Monthly reporting on network performance
  • Ongoing advisory, optimisation and maintenance of the solution for undisturbed business

Net Consulting is a respected IT network performance and security service provider offering a wide range of specialised consultancy and managed services for the public and private sectors. Their expert team are on hand to help optimise a company’s IT operations no matter what industry they’re in, having worked with organisations across defence, healthcare, retail, government, finance, education, manufacturing and legal. Net Consulting’s service offerings include service management, a risk and compliance service, an advanced cyber threat detection service and a digital experience management service. Their Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service is particularly popular right now due to the convenience and efficiency it affords to clients.

Net Consulting’s team there have a wealth of industry knowledge and extensive client experience, meaning they can successfully cater to every individual client need. For more information, please visit their website at


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